Sunday, April 17, 2005


Who would've thought bread pudding could taste so damn good? I made it with a bit of old french bread but mostly with naan brought home from our favorite Indian restaurant. I wasn't sure if it would make good bread pudding, but there wasn't nearly enough french bread, so I had no choice but to proceed with my experiment. I used vanilla soy milk, eggs, cinnamon, a bit of brown sugar, stevia and raisins. Yes, it's the low-cal, organic version. Sue me. It's delish.

In other news, I spent the afternoon thrift store shopping and ended up making some serious charitable contributions. See, it's not "retail therapy" or "consumerism" when you shop the thrifts. The money you spend goes to charity, so go ahead and have some fun, no need to feel guilty! I came home with stacks of books, corning ware and designer clothes. I haven't had this good a haul in a long time. I did so well that I'm going to have to sort out some things to donate and consign next week, to make room for the new stuff.

The semester is quickly wrapping up and I'm finally taking some of the more mundane aspects of it seriously. (That's code for "I'm spending way too much time doing boring school stuff on the computer.") I'll be glad when this is over. And if our New Mexico vacation proves cheap, like we are hoping, and if Dan gets the promotion he's expecting in the fall, I can start resuming loan payments next year and not have to take classes unless I want to. And I do want to, just not six hours each semester. I'd rather just take one language or writing class, if anything, and not feel obligated if I decide to train for Ironman or something. I'd also like some time for more practical pursuits that will help me make better decisions about how I'm going to use the New Mexico land to best advantage. There's a lot that can be done out there, but since my uncle died this past winter, I'm having to face the reality that I can't just keep putting off getting to know this land, as if I'll have experienced family members around forever.

Which is a nice segue into some thoughts I had on my morning run regarding living off the land, balanced ecosystems, and getting lost on a mountaintop. I think I'll save all that for my next post, though. It's already pretty late and I have a lot to do in the morning... a morning which appears to be already here.

I wish I knew where my weekends went!

Recent Workouts
Monday: 45 minutes core and strength training
Tuesday: Tae Bo, 45 min elliptical
Wednesday: 45 minutes core and strength training, 15 min elliptical, 30 min run
Thursday: 45 minutes core and strength training, 45 min bike - Spinervals 3.0 Suffer-O-Rama
Friday: 45 minutes core and strength training
Saturday: 10 mile run

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