Friday, July 15, 2005

Rescue Day

Today marks one year since Tidbit came home from the shelter. Her friends threw her a little party to celebrate.

Enjoy, Tid! Thanks for being my little buddy.

In other news, the reports of rain and flooding in Houston are not exaggerated! For two days in a row I couldn't get to the campus building I needed to go to in order to drop off some important documents for signatures. Twice I needed to take alternate routes home and once none of my favorite alternates were available and I had to rely on the old "drive toward the big buildings and figure it out from there" standby from when I was eighteen and didn't know the city very well.

But there are advantages to living almost in the shadow of the downtown skyscrapers-- all roads eventually lead home.

They're predicting rain for the rest of the weekend, so we'll have to see how that impacts my plans, if at all. There's my usual Saturday morning long run, then there's the Katy Flatlands bike ride on Sunday. Saturday afternoon is Dan's cousin's vow renewal, which I'm not too hip on attending, so maybe it will be raining and Dan won't want to go. If he goes though, I'll go. It's the least I can do, since he's going to subject himself to a night of suburb-bred strangers and 80s pop music at my high school reunion later this month. My dear inner-city punk rocker is very brave!

And finally, we have a date for the burial of my grandmother's ashes. I will be going up to New England on August 5, returning on the 8th or 9th. I'm still trying to work out the return details but I hope to have that all figured out by the end of the weekend. My aunt and uncle have some mementos for me to sort through and I'll also be picking up a very lovely picture of my mother-- a picture my grandmother tried to give me years ago but that I refused to take while she was alive even though I wanted it very badly. Now it's mine and I need to figure out where I will put it.

And that's about all the excitement around here, other than a lot of office stuff that's of no interest to anyone besides me and my co-workers. And it's not all that interesting even to us.

Happy Rescue Day, Tidbit!

Recent Workouts
Tuesday: 1000 meter swim, 1 mile run, 35 minute bike - Spinervals 1.0 No Slackers Allowed
Wednesday: 45 minutes core and strength training, 5 mile run
Thursday: 1000 meter swim, 1 mile run, 35 minute bike - Cyclerobx
Friday: 45 minutes core and strength training

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