Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boston Marathon-- Stormy Weather

Looks like tomorrow's Boston Marathon is going to be brutal.

"Forecasters predict heavy rain, 20 mph winds and temperatures around 40 degrees."

I get the impression that it'll be mostly headwinds, too.

For so many age groupers (ordinary runners), this must be a terrible disappointment. They trained hard, in many cases for years, just to qualify for this race, and now they'll have to run the race of their dreams in the weather of their nightmares.

Tomorrow's going to be all about the mental game, folks.


Susan Oseen said...

I can't believe the first place runner still came in at 2:14:11...Amazing!! Yup, a hard day out there for the people running that for sure.

Spider63 said...

Doesn't the rainy weather keep their bodies cooler? Just wondering?

Allie Boniface said...

True, although some people prefer that weather to 70 and sunny! And despite the wind and rain, running that marathon is a definite medal of honor for anyone who manages to qualify. I've been twice, as a spectator for my sister. Doubtful that I would ever qualify myself (too slow), but it's certainly something to watch!