Saturday, October 20, 2007

Studies in Groundward Tropism

I did something today I haven’t done in a long time. I fell.

It was my own stupid fault, since I know better than to run on the sidewalks in Montrose. They’re old and uneven, one section tilted one way, the next section tilted another way. Old oaks and subsidence will do that. So I usually run in the street if I’m in that area.

But today I came to a section where there was more traffic than usual, so I got on the sidewalk. And even after the street was safe again, I figured I’d stay on the sidewalk until I had crossed the next major road. I got distracted, thinking about a house in the area that I had lived in twenty years ago, and the next thing I knew I had tripped over the stupid uneven sidewalk and fallen hard.

My cho-pat strap took worst of it on my right knee, but my left knee looked pretty bad. Luckily I’m always prepared for these kinds of emergencies on long runs and after I rinsed out the worst of the dirt with the water I was carrying, I cleaned up with one of my individually-wrapped Gold Bond antiseptic wipes. I can’t recommend these enough to distance runners and cyclists. One wipe is about the size of a credit card and slips right into whatever pack you’re using to carry gels, ID and cash.

Since my left knee still insisted on dripping everywhere and it wasn’t Halloween yet, I wrapped it with the bandana I always carry with me. I looked like Punky Brewster, but at least I wasn’t likely to scare anyone.

I was near a store, so I got some more water and went on to finish my run. I was only at about the halfway point when I fell and I could’ve taken a more direct route home that would’ve cut it short by a couple of miles but once I was clean and bandaged up I didn’t feel bad at all.

By the time I got home I was starting to get some nice blue bruises on the right knee, and when I unbandaged the left one, I was pretty unhappy to see it looked like something you’d get as scrap from the butcher. Cleaning it out in the shower was No. Fun. At. All. But afterwards I found my Nexcare burn pads, which are squishy cool gel pads for burns and road rash. I slapped one of those puppies on with some stretchy kinesio tape to hold it in place and all was well.

Okay, all was sort of well.

Did I mention that last night I cut the skirt of my Halloween costume to above the knees? It needed to be done, but. . . Well, let’s just say I may be re-thinking my costume. I’m not showing these knees for awhile.

Today’s Workout
17 mile run


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yeowch! I hope you're not too stiff and horrible, come morning!

As for the Gold Bond wipes and the road rash things, I'm on 'em. That's the sort of advice this newbie needs.

Oh, and "don't run" -- but I already knew that. Like biking can be so much better at times...

bunnygirl said...


Gold Bond is the only manufacturer of individually-wrapped antiseptic wipes that I'm aware of, although if I were to find another type I'd cheerfully do a comparison. Another option would be to carry individually-wrapped alcohol swabs, like what diabetics use. They would hurt like heck, but they'd do the job.

Moist wound healing is the current standard in treating road rash. It's a huge hassle, but it heals with less scarring. It's especially desirable if the injury is at a joint, like knees and elbows. Once you get a scab, you have to keep breaking it in order to get full range of motion, so healing without scab formation is important.

Nexcare and 2nd Skin both make moist burn pads. It's best to have gauze to put over the pads at the beginning, though, because part of the point of moist wound care is to let the abrasion keep seeping. Yeah, gross. :-/

Thomma Lyn said...

Awwww, Bunnygirl -- I'm so sorry you fell. OUCH!!! I hope your knee gets better soon. Sounds like you're taking excellent care of yourself.

Jill said...

OUCH!! No fun at all! Sorry you hurt yourself - but glad things aren't worse. So what are you going to be for Halloween?

pacatrue said...

It's always funny how differently a person can take wounds. I have to admit that when the doctor wants to poke my finger for a blood sample, I still cringe and steel myself and just hate hate hate it. Other times, I've been walking along on a hiking trail and looked down to discover a long rip in the skin along my calf where some thorn or something tore across me. It's bleeding away, but I never noticed when it happened.

By the way, I saw an entire book of disapproving bunny pictures on my local B&N's front table just a couple days ago.

bunnygirl said...

Paca, I'm totally with you on different types of wounds. I can barely control my panic at having blood drawn and I often have to lie down so as not to faint.

But when I had surgery several years ago, I cheerfully let the trainee miss the vein in my hand over and over. Something about a needle in the crook of my arm just freaks me the heck out, but a supposedly more painful needle in the back of the hand is ho-hum, aren't you done yet?

And accidental injuries are no big deal. Endorphin rush, Macho Tough Girl, and all that. :-)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Bummer--but good for you for being prepared!

One big change I've noticed as I get older: falling hurts like hell.

As a kid, and even a young adult, it was no big deal. But I've fallen a couple times in the last few years (once running; once attempting to roller skate) and OMFG! Damn, that's painful!

Hope you recover more quickly than I do.

Lola said...

Hope you feel better! My dad fell while he was out running last winter on the road. A car came along and he had to get out of the way because they were driving right on top of the curb so he jumped onto sidewalk, but the owner hadn't deiced it, so he went right down. He had a mild concussion too. Be careful out there!!
~Lola the Rabbit

archi's mum said...

my goodness! wow you are amazing... patch it up and keep on running.

PICATRUE - buy the book - support our friend Sharon and her disapproving Cinnamon (

Leah J.Utas said...

Hope you heal quickly and thoroughly.

Anita said...

My human falls in the street frequently and damages in her knees always. Humans are awkward, are not like the cats... muhahahaha!

I hope that you feel better.

Vickie said...

Ouch! Believe me, I KNOW how it feels to fall. I have more scars now than when I was a kid. Be careful!

TX Runner Girl said...

Ouch! I hope the knee heals quickly!

From Here to There said...

OUCH! I hope you weren't too stiff the next day.

I've done this many times, I fall down, a lot. Then had to wear shorts to work in December for a week. With big bandages on my knees. Yes, I'm 8 years old.

Halloween is meant to be scary... you're just adding a little gross factor!