Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Bunday: Bunny Butt

Isn't Cadbury's tail cute? So perky!

My training for the Surfside Beach Marathon is going pretty well, but I'm starting to get annoyed at the weather. It seems my longer (20+ miles) training runs always fall on the cold weekends and my shorter runs on the warm weekends. I'm a cold weather wimp and I hate having to run in freezing or near-freezing temps, especially when I have to start in the dark. What helps, though, is Grabber Hand Warmers. It's pretty miserable when your hands get so cold that you can no longer open doors, and these really help with that.

Of course, if I had fur like Cadbury, I'd probably be toasty no matter what the weather.

Happy Monday!


Janet said...

Glad to hear your training is going well, with the exception of the cold weekend runs. I'm a whimp, so I do all my training at this time of the year on the treadmill, but with a half coming up at the end of May, I'm going to have to head out doors a couple times in the crappy weather.

Keep warm and maybe bury your hands in Cadbury's fur when you get home (Cadbury probably won't like it).

RoadBunner said...

I was going to say that Cadbury's tail has a lot of personality!! Glad your training is going well. I much much prefer cold weather for running so can't sympathize much with you right now :) There was a flyer for the Surfside Beach Marathon in my Texas Marathon goody bag. It says it is the only marathon run entirely on the beach which sounds pretty cool!

Lisa said...

Wow. Beach marathon? good luck!

Anonymous said...

Love me some bunny bum!

Rabbits' Guy said...

This isn't the start of some sand bagging is it?

Are we next going to be asked to put some money on your time?

Marathon - beach - cold weather

is that a tri-oxy-moron?

Glenna said...

Ooooo! Bunny Butt! This has been a rough winter, but thank goodness we don't live up north!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Adorable bunny butt!
I'm confused - does it really get cold in Houston?
I may be heading your way soon for a work trip. Maybe we can run together!

bunnygirl said...

@Kathleen: It's not normally cold here, but we got a cold front today that will last through the end of the week. Nightly temps will be in the 20s and right now they're predicting 60% chance of snow on Friday, which doesn't bode well for my Saturday morning long run.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Houston date is not picked yet but I'll let you know as soon as it is!