Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good-Bye, Audrey!

Audrey is on her way to Nottingham, and someone is missing her already:

If anyone wants to track her, they can go to the USPS Tracking site and enter LJ245719680US. Audrey will be trackable as long as she's in the United States.

Audrey left behind a few more pictures of some favorite memories of her visit, but I'll be posting those on another day.

Audrey: Final Night in Houston

Audrey is going to try to catch a flight out to the UK this morning, so she spent her final evening in Houston making travel plans and checking her itinerary...

...being serenaded by my husband...

...and of course, hanging out with her buddy, Cadbury.

If all goes well, she'll soon be on her way! Stop back by for more Audrey!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Bunday: The News

Well, it looks like Audrey is going to be moving on. She has an important conference to attend in the UK, and other bunnies to visit along the East Coast.

What do you mean, she's leaving?

Uh-oh. It'll be okay, buddy. We'll be following all of her adventures!

More this week as Audrey packs for her trip, shares her reminisces, and ships out!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Audrey Saturday

Today, Audrey attended a meeting of the Houston Creative Writers Collective. The meeting was held at the Brasil coffee house, in the outdoor courtyard shared with Domy Books.

Upon arrival, our thirsty bunny bought a San Pellegrino...

...and then settled in for an afternoon of discussion and critique.

She soon learned that writing and critiquing is hard! Writing her memoirs after her journeys are over may not be as easy as she at first imagined.

After the meeting, she went back into the coffee house to see what other kinds of things were happening in Houston's art scene.

she seemed particularly interested in a spaghetti supper benefiting the High School for Performing and Visual Arts.

Since spaghetti isn't really good for bunnies, I suggested an outing at a park instead.

Everyone likes swings, right?


Our plan had been for Audrey to go to Washington DC next, but we've had a new offer for her to attend an October conference in the UK. If her hosts are in on the plan, how about she go next to see Miss Eve and Neville in the UK, where she could attend the conference and maybe stay long enough for Bonfire Night? Then she would return to the US and spend Thanksgiving with Pink, Elvis, and Peaches in Washington DC. From there, she would go to visit Pumpkin and Patch in Philadelphia in time for Christmas, and then try to make New Year's with Hef in New York. After that, if Lando and Fiona would still like to host, Audrey can go to San Francisco.

Let me know if this works for everyone, and if I've left anyone out!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Audrey: At the Conference

As you all know, Audrey attended a conference this week!

Immediately upon her arrival, she went looking for a mirror. She didn't have much experience with fancy hotels and was understandably nervous about her appearance.

Then she checked in with the organizers and got her name badge:

She found the room where her first conference session would be held and helped herself to the candy:

Taking a break in the lobby between sessions:

After a couple more conference sessions, she decided that attending a conference was too much hard work for a small bunny, so she went outside and relaxed for a bit:

And would you believe it, she ended up winning a couple of door prizes! Here she is with her $25 Starbucks card and her $50 Home Depot card. She had been hoping for Busy Bunny, but we take what we can get.

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Bunday: Administratia

Bunnygirl: Cadbury, wake up!

Cadbury: Huh? What?

Bunnygirl: I wanted to announce that I'll be a little slow commenting on blogs Monday and Tuesday because I'll be at a conference.

Cadbury: Oh, is that all? Wake me when you actually have something interesting to say.

Well, I guess he told me!

The conference is in town, but for some bizarre reason the rather pricey hotel where it's being held won't give us free wireless access, so I won't be able to check your blogs at lunchtime like I often do when I'm working a normal day. It'll probably compress my time in other ways too, since being a short walk from my office is pretty important to how I schedule just about everything in my life. But the conference is a good one, very relevant to my job, and may be the only one I get to go to this year with the economy like it is.

I'm hoping to get some good Audrey pics at the fancy hotel, so that will be a bonus.

And speaking of Audrey, I've had offers from Washington DC, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, and I'm thinking of setting Audrey's itinerary in that order.

So unless someone objects. I'll keep her through the weekend, since she's keen to attend my writer's group meeting on Saturday and get some tips on how to write up her memoirs when this adventure is all over. After that, she'll be jetting off to visit Elvis, Pink and Peaches.

Let me know if she needs to change her plans. Audrey is rather easygoing about these things.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Bunday: Bunnies and Basil

Audrey had been feeling a little neglected of late, so this weekend I went out and bought her this lovely basil plant:

You know, Audrey, it would be nice if you shared with your friends...

Cadbury: Thanks, Audrey! You're terrific!

Have a great week, everyone, and don't neglect your friends!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Monday Bunday: Holiday Weekend

It's a holiday and I can do whatever I want!

Friday, September 04, 2009


Three day weekend ahead! Have fun, everybunny!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Audrey's Adventures Downtown

This past weekend, Audrey had a chance to see some of the sights downtown. Here she is outside of Houston's City Hall:

And here she is at the original Houston Public Library:

Here's a closer pic of the sign, if anyone wants to open it up and read what it says:

The original library building is only used for special collections and for special events. Since it's right next door to City Hall, the mayor gives press conferences here. Audrey thought it would be fun to give a little speech of her own.

Unlimited kale and cilantro for all!

After her speech, Audrey seemed a bit tired and pensive. Worn out, I guess, with the burdens of being a public figure.

So we went and got some coffee...

...and browsed the books at the modern public library building next door, where Audrey selected a book about Texas wildlife.

Texas rabbits have really big ears!!!

Feeling refreshed, we went to Tranquility Park, one of Houston's downtown parks. Here she is admiring the fountains.

And here she is gazing up at the skyscrapers.

It was a lot for a little bunny to take in, so she said no more pictures, please and asked to be taken home for a little nap and some swiss chard.

More soon!