Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I called Dan on his cell phone recently.

"I knew it was you!" he said. My phone has a special ring for when you call.

Wow. No Led Zeppelin-- a special ring just for me? "What is it?" I asked.

Now he faltered a bit. "Uh... well, it's nothing special, really. It's, you know, just the generic default ring that the phone originally came with.

What? Generic? Me? "I object to that," I said. "You should have a special song for me."

"Okay. What should it be?"

I thought for a moment. "'Hail To the Chief' would do nicely."

I have a feeling I'm still on generic ring tone.

This Week's Workouts
Monday: 45 minutes strength training, 30 minutes elliptical
Tuesday: 45 minutes strength training, 30 minute run
Wednesday: 45 minutes strength training, 45 minutes elliptical (supposed to do a Spinerval session but I overslept when I took my post-work nap)

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