Friday, October 21, 2005

Doctor Thinks I'm Smart

I'm not too happy with the way this hip-ITB thing is progressing. I think it's related to my sore lower back (sacroiliac area). But which problem is causing the other is not for my un-MD'd brain to figure out.

I went to see Mary on Tuesday and she fixed me up pretty good, but there's only so far a massage can take you sometimes. Even a good one. A short run and an elliptical session later and I'm sitting here at the office with an aching hip again, wondering how far I should run this weekend, or if I should even run at all.

So I looked up some PTs online, checking that they were on my insurance and that they were close to home. I picked a first and second choice, then called my doctor's office. I explained everything to the nurse, making sure to use all the correct doctor-speak that I learned in Physiology class. I also reminded her that my doctor had referred me for physical therapy in the past. I said that I would be happy to come in if the doctor didn't want to refer me directly, but could she please check?

Well, miracle of miracles, an hour later and here's my referral coming over the fax machine! And I can go to my first choice PT, just a few blocks from home. Hooray! My doctor has always treated me like I'm pretty savvy and this confirms her confidence in me.

The last time I had physical therapy (for my Q-angle), the PT had noticed some pelvic instability but we hadn't been able to get approval for treatment at that time. So now I can get the whole thing fixed. Even though I will probably have to back off my marathon training plan a bit, I have a feeling I'll get a little free speed and endurance out of this.

Houston Marathon, here I come!

Recent Workouts
Wednesday: Speedwork, 6 x 800
Thursday: 45 minute elliptical, plyometrics


Cliff said...

I am glad u are going to see the docs. Remember u are going there to get better..whihc is always a good thing. If u want to be sick, u can always stay home and ignore your injury :)

Get well..u will do fine...

Shelley said...

I used to have really bad ITBS, sometimes it still rears it's ugly head, but what really fixed it for me is strengthening your hips, I worked so hard on my glutes and hips, and it's prevented ITB from happening this year..well knock on wood...good luck with this!!

Tribloke said...

I have had a similar problem in the past and it is a bitch. My PT got me doing some exercises that really helped. I lie on my side with knees together at 45 degree angle and ankles together. I then separate my knees as much as possible while keeping my ankles together before separating my ankles until the upper ankle comes to the same elevation as my knee and then reverse the process.

Doing that a few hundred times really strenthens the ITB itself. Sorry if I'm not being very clear and I'm sure your PT will fix it quickly. Good luck!