Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Iron Plan

Okay, so here I've been kind of spinning my wheels for a few weeks, feeling a little lost after deciding that for a lot of reasons, registering for an Ironman race was not a wise idea at this time. My goal for a few years now has been to do the iron distance before I'm 40, which means do it next year or miss my goal.

But last night I remembered I had been waiting on race reviews of the Redman Triathlon, a new-this-year iron distance race in Oklahoma City. When I first heard of it last fall, I considered registering for the inaugural race, but quickly decided against it. Signing up for an unknown, unreviewed race as one's first-ever attempt at the distance would be insanity.

But they held the race the weekend Rita didn't come to Houston and the reviews I've read are pretty positive. So...

The plan now is that I will train "as if." Because Redman isn't an M-dot, I can register as late as next summer for the September race. If something isn't going right in my training or if personal matters have come up, I won't sign up and I won't be losing a huge registration fee like I would be if I signed up for an Ironman a year in advance. And I can drive to Oklahoma City, which would be cheaper than airfare to an Ironman location, especially since I wouldn't have to worry about shipping my bike. If I don't want to drive the whole distance in one day, I can crash at my cousin's place in Arlington on the way. Cool! In fact, I bet I can get a few of my Texas cousins to come see me at the race. Extra coolness! And on the drive home I can stop off for friend and cousin visits in the Austin or San Antonio area. A little mini-vacation. It only gets better, doesn't it?

So that's the plan, friends. After the Houston Marathon (which I will hopefully be able to run this year) I will begin training for the Redman iron distance race.

I feel more motivated already! But maybe that's just because I got Mary to work on my legs today and a cool front is moving in. There's nothing like getting the spring back in your step and having the promise of a fall breeze.

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Flatman said...

Hmmm...Oklahoma is not very far from me...

Got me thinkin'!

Mica said...

I was thinking about doing the Redman 2007.

Good luck with your training!

Comm's said...

thats it.

plan big.