Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday Run

Today's plan called for an eighteen mile run. It wasn't what I really felt like doing, but you don't get train for a marathon with a bunch of twelve-milers, right? So I started out with a bayou loop, feeling pretty good. Then I did an out and back to the River Oaks Country Club and got attacked by a butterfly as I passed the house with all the organic flowers and grasses out front. I must look pretty dangerous if I'm scaring the butterflies! Then I headed up Memorial Drive to Memorial Park, starting to feel a little crampy through my hamstrings. But I managed okay, did my loop, returned to the bayou park and did a reverse loop back home. The last few miles were not pleasant, but I held out okay. The weather was warm, partly sunny and breezy, and other than a few mud puddles from Saturday's downpours, the trails were clear. Best of all though, my hip didn't hurt!

That's right-- the hip that has caused me problems since August did not hurt!

I think we've made some biomechanical progress here!

Plenty of other things hurt, but only the things one would expect on an eighteen mile run. Honestly, I had been scared to take on this distance and half-expected that I would have to cut things short around fifteen. But this was a very solid run and I think I can go ahead and pay my marathon registration with confidence. I had been putting it off just in case I didn't make much progress with the physical therapy. But things are obviously moving along well. Thank goodness I've always responded well to medical treatment!

Let's see, how was the rest of my holiday weekend?

I managed to do two Thanksgiving dinners without overeating or disowning any family members.

Friday evening Dan and I went to see the Johnny Cash movie Walk the Line with some cycling buddies of ours. We went for a late dinner after and I played it safe with a salad.

Saturday it rained like heck and I did an hour on the bike followed by some core and upper body work.

Today was my eighteen-miler, followed by Indian buffet.

It's been a very nice holiday weekend: food, friends, family, exercise, naps, and I got a lot of writing done, too. I had meant to update my blog roll since I have so many new cyber tri-buddies, but I have a feeling I'm not going to get to it tonight, since I still have to iron, do a few things in the kitchen and write a page on my novel.

Well, considering how slow I'm moving tonight, Monday might have to be a rest day, so there's always tomorrow!

Recent Workouts
Saturday: 1 hour bike - Carmichael Training Systems video "Climbing"
Sunday: 18 mile run, 3 mile walk


Flatman said...

What did you think of the movie...? We went to see it too and I thought Witherspoon and Phoenix both did great! I can see awards written all over this one...

...and I am not even a big Johnny Cash fan!

Comm's said...

18 mile. golly thats great. Its seems like such an effort to run but you put it too paper it seems like just a thing. It is anything but. You did a great thing getting that distance in and I applaud you.

Santa Claus said...

Bunnygirl -

I'd love to pace you in Houston but I have a conflict that weekend.

Thanks for asking though. I'm sure you will do just fine.

- Santa