Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tour de Doughnut

This was an interesting little ride. There was a 28 mile doughnut-eating race and a 55 mile organized ride, so the start had a good mix of amateurs and experienced riders. This led to a lot of boring PSAs about bike safety at the ride start and then a thirty minute delay while they waited for some of the fog to burn off. The fog wasn't really all that bad but I guess they figured with so many newbie riders focused on eating Krispy Kremes at every stop, they didn't want to take any chances.

I had an intermittent ache in my hip and thigh for the first fifteen miles and considered switching to the 28 mile route. But when I came upon the route split, I went toward the 55 without even thinking. I guess that solved that dilemma, didn't it?

It turned out to be a really good ride for me. There was a bad patch into some headwind on a rough road, but you kind of have to expect that sort of thing and it was only about ten miles. I've experienced worse. The rest stops on the 55 mile loop had no doughnuts which was kind of a rip-off, but I wasn't planning on eating any anyway, so I guess I have no grounds for complaint on that score. The skies were overcast for awhile and we had some misting rain, but otherwise the weather was nice, although a little warm and humid for this time of year.

I finished strong with a 17.3 average over the course-- not bad for me.

I had a minor misadventure in the parking lot afterwards when I managed to lose my keys and finally found them wedged under the hatch of my RX-7, sort of trapped in between the hatch and the frame. What an amazingly dumb thing to do! Well, at least when I do something stupid, it's creatively so. And I was able to release the hatch from a switch by the driver's seat, so it all worked out.

Unfortunately no post-ride nap for me! I was in a late meeting last Friday with a guy who is too important to be ignored but who only half-communicates so that whatever you bring him, it's not really what he wanted. He needed revised budget numbers and additional information on a few things by Monday morning and since I was late for a P/T appointment that Friday and my entire day Monday is going to be the equivalent of one long useless meeting, I had to do the work this weekend or suffer the consequences. So I took my lunch up to the office and was very productive. I was so productive in fact, that I'm half-tempted to see if I could re-work my schedule to have a half-day off during the week and work a half-day on the weekend.

I read a couple weeks ago that interruptions at work have an effect on concentration equal to a lowering of the IQ or smoking pot. Ha! I believe it! All the more reason to try to avoid the ringing telephone and all the people who drop by my office with their silly questions. Quit lowering my IQ!!!

No wonder I feel so stupid at the end of the workday.

So maybe a half-day on the weekend is the way to go. It would be the only time of the week I would have a chance to sit at my desk and feel smart!

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Mica said...

That sounds like a fun ride. Although now I am a little hungry for donuts...

Cliff said...

Donuts and biking, now that's an interesting concept.

Before I learn nutrition, me and my buddy will go for long hours (4-5 hr, 100 miles). We often will stop at McDonald and fuel ourselves up. Looking back, I can't believe I have done that. So unhealthy.

More bunny pics please :)

Wil said...

Dammit Bunnygirl. Doughnuts. The off-season, and you're talking about doughnuts. OK, all I can say is dammit right now.


Way to go on the awesome ride!