Sunday, February 05, 2006

Flats and Other Cycling Thoughts


I fixed my flat today!

I didn't want to mention it before, but due to a combination of luck and gender, I had never before found myself having to change my own tube. I knew how to do it, mind you, but it was only in theory. I had no field experience, as it were, so I am very proud to report that everything went without a hitch.

Okay, that's not quite true. There was one little problem. When I was checking the wheel for anything that might puncture my new tube, I found a nick on the rim. It didn't seem to be in a place where it would interfere with the tube, but I wasn't taking any chances. I brought out all my girly tools, filed down the sharp edges with my emery board and applied three layers of clear "Hard as Nails" nail polish. I dried it with my blow drier, went and did a few other things while I waited for it to set completely, then put my new tube on, got the tire on and voilĂ !!

(Come on guys, 'fess up. I bet you wish you'd thought of it!)

After that I did an hour spin, making sure to spend some time out of the saddle so I could be sure and put plenty of weight on the back wheel. If I'm going to get a pinch flat, or if the tube is old and is going to fail on me, I want it to be here at home, not out on the road, which is where I plan to be next weekend at the West U Warmup ride.

In other news, has anyone else heard the rumor that Lance and Sheryl have split up? I wonder what my chances are, now that Lance is a free man? It wouldn't have to be anything terribly important-- just enough that Dan can sue for alienation of affection and then we cash in and skip town for Lanzarote. Me, my hubby and the critters would then spend our days getting buff on the brutal but beautiful hills of the Canarias and Dan could cheer for me at IM Lanzarote every year.

Sound like a plan? No? Well, Lance likes blondes anyway. It's Tyler who likes brunettes and all his money is tied up in legal fees, so there's no point trying to get Dan to sue him for anything. Besides, I'm suspicious of a guy who has no concept of a normal human pain threshold. If he's into anything kinky in the bedroom... Okay, we don't have to go there, but let's just say I have the greatest admiration for his wife!

And thus conclude today's thoughts on cycling.

Today's Workouts
30 minute core and strength training
60 minute spin - Carmichael Training Systems Climbing video


Bolder said...

this post was about cycling?

all i read was 'blah blah blah.. Sheryl... blah blah blah... beautiful hills... blah blah blah... blondes and brunettes... blah blah blah...

ok, i'll fess up -- i wouldn't have thought of that -- thankfully. mostly because my rims are black, so i would have gone with black instead of the clear...


Kewl Nitrox said...

Heh heh heh... I would never have thought of that repair to the rims...

Cliff said...

Yay for Sheryl.that's what all I gotta say.

Jill said...

Your post made me laugh! Your fantasy life is just too funny! And the ingenuity in dealing with your rim was great!

ps - this month is discount time for memberships at the UT Rec Center. I have been thinking about joining, too.