Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Good News And Bad

The good news: I finished the draft of my novel. Yay! I'll be doing a lot of editing, but that's the sort of thing I can do on a schedule, as opposed to the actual writing, which tends to take over everything in its path.

So in terms of time availability, I'm ready to get back into serious training.

And that leads to the bad news: Although I felt much better on Monday, I've spent most of Tuesday fighting to get my lungs clear enough just to support normal breathing. At one point I was even considering driving myself to the minor emergency clinic for a nebulizer treatment. It was that bad. But then my lungs cleared a bit and I was breathing well enough to not see the point in handing over a $100 co-pay and hanging around a waiting room with people who might actually be contagious or something.

So no training for me, yet. I'm starting to get really antsy about this. Missing a whole weekend was bad enough, but based on how I felt Sunday and Monday I fully expected to be doing some light elliptical or spinning by today. So I'll just have to wait and see how I feel tomorrow. If my lungs are acting the same way, I guess I'm off to the doctor.

It's so frustrating to be totally sidelined. And the worst of it is that I don't even feel all that bad. If I were running a fever or had other symptoms, maybe I wouldn't feel like such a slacker. Instead, I just can't breathe.

It's all in the details, isn't it?


jet said...

That's a typo, right? A $100 copay?

Crossing my fingers for your lungs.

Rachel said...

A novel? Awesome! I can't wait to read it once it's published! That's so exciting. I love writing and once had grandiose dreams of being a novelist but now I do research in biomedical stuff. Big change. Little room for writing. For now...
Take it easy and get well! Sounds like your body is telling you to take a break.

Jill said...

Great news about the novel! What is it about?

Not so great news about the lungs. Go to the doctor!!

bunnygirl said...

Not a typo at all-- $100 co-pay for emergency visits, $20 for regular doc.

Cliff said...

Congrats..for the finish draft.... get well soon....so when the weather warms up you can be out running :)

Bolder said...

you wrote a novel?

does it have bunnies in it?