Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas and Beyond

We all had a great Christmas.

Dan and I opened our gifts on Christmas Eve because we had to be at my parents’ house early the next day. I got a lot of books I wanted, and a mouse that is revered by Photoshop users. And Dan displayed his psychic skills by buying me a photo printer. I almost bought one a few weeks ago, so I’m glad now that I didn’t! Dan loved the leather jacket I bought him, so I didn’t feel too bad that the other stuff I gave him was pretty basic—books, music, and a nifty little drink chiller than plugs into a computer’s USB port. (He saw it in a catalog and couldn't live without it.)

On Christmas morning, we found that Santa had dropped off gifts for the fuzzies. Pixel loved his catnip, and Tidbit got a lot of mileage out of her gift basket while Dan and I had our traditional Christmas morning panettone and watched a Buster Keaton short.

And then it was off to my parents’ house!

It was great to see my father. I hadn’t seen him since our trip to New Mexico last summer. I got so full on homemade salsa, cookies and fudge while we waited for dinner to be ready that it’s amazing I had any room for turkey and stuffing. But I managed, as I always do. Because I was still recovering from Saturday’s 23-miler, I decided to not worry about calories in vs calories out for once and just enjoy myself. It was nice.

Gifts were surprisingly good this year. Usually my parents give me any old thing, without appearing to give any consideration for my likes and dislikes. But this year all but one of the books was right up my alley, and I was happy to also get a fancy cross-cut paper shredder—another item I had been thinking of buying, but hadn’t gotten around to yet.

I gave Tidbit calendars to everyone this year, and they were a hit. My brother loved his guitar tuner, and mom gushed over her gifts, especially the Belleek teapot, but later seemed more interested in stealing my alpaca wrap. I told her if she wanted one, to just say so and I’d get her one. Jeez, she’s greedy!

Dad and I spent some time looking through the pictures in the rare book I bought him. It’s the only book (except for a 30-page pamphlet I bought several years ago) about his mother’s home town, which was destroyed by flood in 1929. Dad and I were excited to find that one of the book’s photos was of the roundhouse foreman who gave my grandfather his first railroad job. Dad is going to show the book to his older siblings when he gets back to New Mexico, and I’m looking forward to hearing what else they notice in the pictures that corresponds to old family stories. The really weird thing about looking at those old photos is how substantial it all seems-- houses, shops, main street, roundhouse, depot, etc. Go to the site today, less than a hundred years later and there's nothing at all. I've wandered all around the area, unable to find so much as a brick. Ozymandias, anyone?

We got home later than I would’ve liked—a little family goes a long way with me. There can be as many as five different conversations going at a table of seven, and it confuses me and leaves me wondering who they all think they’re talking to, since everyone is talking about something totally different. In other words, no one in my family listens to a damn thing.

So yeah, in spite of the good gifts, good food, and fun looking at the book with my father, I was glad to get home.

Today was a quiet day. I spent the morning doing some de-cluttering. I also got my fancy new mouse working, set up the photo printer and shredder, and installed a shelf by my desk to hold my CDs, mini-camera (a new item for long runs), etc. That took me until 1:00, and by then I was eager to go for a run. I did 5.5 miles and although my quads protested the entire time, they feel so much better tonight! And my injured foot is doing well, too. I was worried I would mess it up with the long run on Saturday, but oddly, the run seems to have helped. Either that or the tape. Probably it’s the tape. Tape cures everything.

Tomorrow is going to be for errands, I think. I’ve got several of them, and it’s already going to be Wednesday. Where does the time go?

Today’s Workout
5.5 mile run – bayou trails


CactusFreek said...

Your Christmas day sounds very typical. The only thing you missed out was the family argument that usualy seems to break out lol

Isn't it sad when we all get excited about recieving computer bits? Have we become the geeks we turned our noses up at in school? Funny how times change!

I think it's great that you can have the injuries that you do, and you still need to go for a run! A sore toe and i won't do any exercise untill it's better. I guess that's why i'm fat and your not lol [hhmmmm]

CactusFreek said...

Hi again :o) Thanks for the burn treatment tip, that worked awesomely!! :o))

Comm's said...

Merry Christmas my friend. Finding a book like that for your dad is special.

From Here to There said...

Merry Christmas! Wow you have been busy! Sounds like you had a wonderful time though.

Time to catch up on what you've been up to!

LauraHinNJ said...

I'm always happy to come home too. Families can be a bit much.

Glad your dad enjoyed that book - sounds like a great gift.

CactusFreek said...

Hi yet again! :o)
Judging by what you said about the rocks you got at the doctors, they sound like thunder rocks or thunder eggs. They are very pretty :o)
I used to have a freind that had a thunder rock farm and gee they had some big ones! The used one as a coffee table. Now there's a conversation piece! lol

Rachel said...

Sounds like you had a great X-mas! I got a mini-camera too! Can't wait to use it when I'm out running or biking! The buns got some new toys for the holiday. They're already tearing it up.