Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday Non-Run

No long run today. I wanted to do my 21-miler, but I’m still dealing with tendonitis in my foot, so it’ll have to wait until next week.

I have to admit I’m starting to get nervous about the marathon. I know I’ve got an excellent base, but after backing off the running to accommodate my hip, and now backing off even more to let this tendonitis heal, I find myself worrying. If I meet with no further catastrophes (like bronchitis again), there’s no reason I won’t do the race and finish, but unless I can get back to near-daily running very soon, January 14 is going to be hell.

But what can one do?

I’ve made good progress with my foot this week. I finally got rid of the swelling, and I was moving at normal speed (fast!) instead of gimping along when I went to run errands today. So it’s just a matter of being patient for a few more days. I can do my 21-miler on the 22nd or any day after that because I’ll be on break from work.

Oh, and how am I speed-healing my tendonitis? You guessed it—tape! Maybe I should start a poll: How many body parts will Bunny have taped on marathon day?

So as not to feel like a complete slug today, I did a one-hour spin and had a salad for lunch. Okay, the salad was sort of breakfast + lunch because I was so busy this morning preparing gift baskets for co-workers and running around to different stores to get last-minute items that I entirely forgot to eat breakfast. And then it was 2:00 and I knew if I sat down with my big Greek salad from Café Express, I would never get on the bike. So I set up the bike, did a torture session with Coach Troy, then finally was able to eat at around 5:00. So I guess that means my salad was breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Oh well. I’m one of those people who can get too distracted to eat. I quite literally forget. There’s a term for this, but it eludes me at the moment. The flip side, though, is that when I’m bored I immediately turn to food as “entertainment.” Weird, I know. They say you should only eat when you’re hungry, but no one ever says what you’re supposed to do if your hunger pangs bear no relation to whether or not your body actually needs fuel.

But I’m rambling now.

This past week was nearly non-stop at the office, and I’m expecting Monday to be more of the same. Tuesday ought to be a little better, and it will likely be a ghost town by Wednesday and Thursday. Very nice. Maybe I can get caught up, or at least do something about the growing piles of paper on my desk.

I’ve got big plans for the break. My father will be in town, for one thing. And I want to re-vamp my Writings blog, add some things and switch some or all of my blogs to Beta. I also want to write a short story or two, do some editing, take some photos, clean my apartment, get my bike tuned up and the wheel issue resolved. . . Oh, yes, I’m going to be one busy bunny!

Recent Workouts
Thursday: 45 minute elliptical
Friday: rest day
Today: 60 minute spin


Spa Chick said...

I feel for you. Tendonitis sucks! I have it in my shoulder. Good Luck.

spongey437 said...

Hey Bunnygirl,

I am sure it is posted somewhere in your blog, but what marathon are you doing and when is it?

Given that you had a 21 miler planned this weekend I would guess it is coming up pretty soon.

pacatrue said...

Ditto on Spongey. And is this your first marathon? I'm guessing not. If not, do you have a goal other than completing it? I did my one and only marathon about three years back following a great book called "The non-runner's guide to running a marathon" or something very close to that. It started all the way from running for 5 minutes to the marathon, which took me right at 5 hours.

The reason for my life history, despite it being utterly fascinating, is that its training program is only to get you to completion. And with that goal, the longest run was something like 18-20 just once. It was enough to get me to the finish line, so if your only goal is finishing, then I'd worry more about your health than the next huge training run. I'm guessing from the blog so far, however, that you have a time goal as well. For me, I was hoping for 10 minute miles the whole way, which I hit all the way to mile 20, when the wall hit me, and I walked the rest. I haven't run a marathon since, but the Honolulu one goes by two blocks from my door each year, so I think about training again when I get to my dissertation stage.

Short version: what is your marathon goal and when are you running?

bunnygirl said...

The Houston Marathon is January 14. I've done it before, but I often run into injuries or illness in fall and winter, so it's a problematic marathon for me.

I don't have a time goal, per se. If I could have just one injury-free season, I know I could BQ, but given my troubles this season, I just want to finish.

I'm thinking 4 hours is the best I could hope for, with 4:30 the slowest I would expect unless there were other factors that came into play on race day.

I've been doing endurance running for nearly seven years and I've done triathlon, including the half-iron distance. I've trained with groups and coaches, but after a few years of that, you pretty well know what to do.

I'm just injury-prone. I blame my biomechanics. I was a severe pronator as a child and spent seven years in ballet classes trying to correct it, with only partial success.

As for this marathon, I could go into taper now and still finish, but I really want the 21+ run. I'm still going to try for this weekend. I've had tendonitis in the top of my foot before, and although it's bad this time, I've had it this bad or worse.

Tape is my friend.