Saturday, February 24, 2007

Drizzly Day

After going to quite a bit of trouble last night to come up with a route for this morning, I woke up to rain.

It wasn’t heavy rain, and it wasn’t cold out. I very nearly went and ran anyway. But it seems like everyone at my office is sick, so I decided that two hours or more of running in the rain might not be a wise idea. Being wet doesn’t make you sick, but it does make you more likely to pick up any bugs you’re getting exposed to, and I’m working in a war zone. And besides, as I told Dan over lunch, it’s one thing to get rained on in the last few miles of a run, but to start out in the rain and spend the whole time wet is a very different matter.

So as much as I hated to do it, I went to the gym. And it ended up not being so bad. I was going to do 30-minute sessions on the equipment, but I was in a better mental place than I realized and breezed through an straight hour on the treadmill with no troubles, then did an hour on the elliptical machine while finishing a copy of Reminisce magazine and reading a Smithsonian article. I always read on the elliptical trainer, except when I’m doing speed intervals. It passes the time and gives me a chance to learn something.

After I finished my workouts, I put on a dry shirt and decided to go see if there were any trail riders still ambling up Memorial Drive. Dan joined me and although we had missed the riders and didn’t feel like waiting around for their return, it was nice to go for a little walk together along the bayou. Dan and I used to go for a walk every Sunday night, but we fell out of that habit. Now that the weather is turning warmer, maybe we can do that again. I’ve learned not to get too worried though, about the way habits come and go in our marriage. Sometimes it seems we do a lot together and other times we spend most of our time apart. And then it changes again. There’s an ebb and flow to everything.

And speaking of flow, what’s with my nose? I spent most of this past week unable to figure out if I was suffering from allergies or the beginnings of a cold. I felt so much better on Friday that I was suspicious it had been a cold, but now I’m all sniffly again. I’m putting my nose on progressive discipline. No more verbal warnings. Next will be a written warning and remediation plan, and if that fails, this nose is fired!

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Ellie said...

You sure made the best out of a rainy day! I'm impressed!