Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thieving Bastards at Comcast

It COMPLETELY sucks to be between DSL service areas. I talked with our university's head of network planning and he explained the whole stupid situation with me. Comcast is the only option I have until our neighborhood gets DSL, unless I want to poke along on 56K dialup.

Comcast seems to know they've got us over a barrel. $200 just to get set up!!! And $50/month after!

I wonder how successful I'd be at running an ethernet cable across the street from the university (where we have our own fiber network) to my new house?



Rachel said...

I hate monopolies. Our cable company is the same way.

My trainer is on its last legs too. They really do wear out after a few years, huh? I have a CycleOps Magneto, which I like but too much plastic--which doesn't last.

Leah J. Utas said...

You have my sympathies. I know not of Comcast, but when you're the only game in town you get to do as you please.
Miserable excuses for humanity.

archi ann said...

sheesh that is INSANE! i have cable but dsl is also available here so it cost me 45 bux for the startup and first month and i'm on a 24.95/mo contract. I wonder what it would be if i didn't have dsl available to me.

on a side note, i would have stayed with dsl but was tired of paying for a phone line i never used... turns out now they can do dsl without having a live phone number on the line - dry loop dsl - if i knew that i wouldn't have switched - this cable modem stuff is poor quality

txrunnergirl said...

Holy crap, that's insane. Luckily, they began offering DSL in our area about 1 1/2 years ago!

Vickie said...

I understand your problem. My sister has the same thing. They are in a small "pocket" area where they can't get high speed, just dial up. Makes no sense. They keep promising, but you know how that goes.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!! I too am in-between DSL lines. The worst part is the end of one is 754 yards away, but the company refuses to extend the line when the distance is more than 300 yds. Agh

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