Sunday, January 06, 2008

Last Long Run

I did my last pre-marathon long run yesterday—twelve miles. It was the distance I had planned for this weekend from the outset of my training and I was nervous that I might not be up for it. Sometimes after I’ve been sick for a few days, my body seems to forget how to run. I plotted a route that would keep me close to home in case I wasn’t up for the distance, but everything went just fine. I was a little tired toward the end, but that was just the lingering effects of having spent three days with a fever and not sleeping well. I had no sense that anything was really wrong. It’s funny how after seven and a half years of distance running, one learns to know the difference between different kinds of tired and different kinds of feeling “off.” One develops a sense of when it’s a cause for concern and when it’s just a bad day.

The marathon is next Sunday, so my plan for the week is to exercise as I normally would this week, Monday through Thursday, mostly bike and elliptical with maybe a short run with no time pressure on Tuesday or Wednesday. Friday is my usual rest day, and Saturday will be a rest day too.

I’ve scaled back on the herbs and vitamins I was taking when I first got sick, since all that C was giving me a sore throat. But I’m continuing to take everything on a reduced scale, and I’m hoping that this little illness has put my immune system on the offensive so I won’t pick up anything new before next weekend. Last year I was on the cusp of a bronchial infection the day of the marathon and it affected my ability to enjoy the race and led to a very long recovery period afterwards. Hopefully I’ve escaped that fate this year and I’ll be able to tap into the fun and excitement of participating in Houston’s biggest road race of the year.

One week to go!


Anita said...

Already I have my Magi gifts!

Good Luck in your next marathon!!

the Bag Lady said...

Bunnygirl: how long is this marathon?
The Bag Lady is very excited to hear how it goes. (She's never known anyone who ran a marathon - not that she actually knows you, but this is great, hearing all about how you prepare, etc.)
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wow, we're all so excited for you! Mom used to do distance running some years ago, but never a marathon -- the longest the ever ran was nine miles.

And me? Well, I don't run. I tuddle! I'd have to enter a Tuddle-a-thon. *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Chairman Mao said...

I wondur how I'd do inna marathon??? I'm furry good at runnin around the housie like my butt's on fire.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Ellie Hamilton said...

Bunny -- you had the standard Pre-Marathon-Illness. And now you are safe for next weekend. You'll be over it, and the extra rest from the little bit of down time will serve you well in the marathon. I've been through the sequence again and again.

I can't wait to see your results! And I'm frustrated that you're running Houston next weekend and I'm running Austin next month and we just missed each other, sort of just ran right by each other.

Rest well, take it easy next week, nothing you do will make you any fitter or more prepared, but any running you do now can get you injured, so lay low!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Carry on! Sounds like you've got it planned well and psyched well too! Good luck, although it is a ways away.

Will we get a race report? Hope so - a little anyway!

bunnygirl said...

BL-- All marathons are, by definition, 26.2 miles.

RG-- Yes, there will be a race report, and maybe a picture of Tidbit wearing my medal like last year.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the race!

Michele said...

BG, so glad you're feeling better! Only one week to go---that's pretty exciting. I'm really looking forward to reading all about it. Take care!

archi ann said...


Reb said...

Sounds like you are ready to run! Good luck, although I'm sure you'll do just great.

Vickie said...

Glad you're feeling better. Here's hoping nothing else gets in the way!

Church Lady said...

I remember when my father quit smoking and started training for marathons. It was quite inspirational.

Good luck with all of your training and prep work.