Friday, January 25, 2008

Mercury in Retrograde?

Many years ago, I was the admin assistant to my current boss. I then became business head of a department in my own right, then was moved back under her in a division reorganization. Throughout these years, she has been my direct boss, my dotted-line (peripheral) boss, and now my boss again but in a more peer-structured relationship.

Why do I mention this? Because no one ever removed my ability to see the details of her Outlook calendar from back in the days when I was her assistant.

Why does this matter? No reason, really, except that she's been through a heck of a lot in the last two months, including major car troubles, financial woes, the death of her father and the passing of a beloved dog. She's taken a lot of personal time to get her head together, and she just now left the office. Again. I checked her calendar to see if it was for an important meeting or for some other reason, and found nothing conclusive. But starting next week, she's got a series of daily reminders:

No Big Decisions: Mercury in Retrograde

From any other person, at any other time, I'd be shaking my head in stunned disappointment at such superstition. Instead, I'm sitting here smiling in private amusement. After what she's been through lately, she needs to be making no big decisions. If an Outlook reminder about a planet will do that for her, I'm for it.


Anonymous said...

sounds as if the choice is wise even if the reason she perceives for it is rather silly :-)

Rachel said...

Wow, puts things in perspective, eh? I thought I was dealing with a lot. I can't wait for a break when things settle down...for all of us!

the Bag Lady said...

Crap. The Bag Lady is very superstitious, but tries to keep herself uninformed about stuff that's going to paralyse (sheesh, why doesn't any spelling of that word look right today?) her.

So how long is Mercury going to be in retrograde? And does this mean the Bag Lady shouldn't make any decisions? Oh, crap, again - better warn Reb - she's looking at buying a car! How long?

bunnygirl said...

Through Feb 18, apparently, BL.

Reb said...

I'm only kind of superstitious, but if it is what works for her, then who are we to nay say?

I see that Bag Lady, I will hold off, well, after I check out this one car.

Anonymous said...

Bless her heart -- like you, I just can't understand how folks can believe in astrology in this day and time, but some folks gravitate to it, I think, because it gives them more of a feeling of control over the ups and downs of life. And goodness, your boss sounds like she's had a lot of downs. I hope things start getting better for her soon.

Rabbits' Guy said...

You remind me of Kinsey Milhune (?), the gal in the "A is for Alibi" series. She was never above a bit of snooping!

Besides, lots of people get concerned when Mercury is in retrograde. Heck, lots of people are worried when Mercury is in fish. Whatever works!