Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Check-In

Happy Saturday! I've been pretty busy lately with work and spring gardening. The house and yard get so much shade that I'm having to experiment by planting in a variety of spots, waiting to see what will work and what won't.

In writing news, I got my first chapter posted this weekend. It can be accessed via the banner on the Maelstrom website or via this link, which will take you to the pdf. The chapter includes my latest artwork, which will also be used on the cover of the chapbook I'm working on as a freebie to advertise the book, once it's available.

As to the book, I'm on my third round of edits, doing pencil markups in a paper copy. Cleanups have been minor so far, which I'm happy about, and Dan has twice absconded with the book to read it himself. This is significant, since although he is supportive of my writing, he's never actually read my stuff before now.

I ran seventeen miles this morning and did all my scheduled workouts for the past week. I'm happy about this, since I had been getting lazy about my weekday workouts. The warmer weather we had last week helped, and although we got a cool front today, I hope my winter slump is over.

Finally, our bunny friend Fiona is sick this week. Last I heard, she was showing signs of improvement, but rabbits are such fragile creatures that prayers, good wishes, or whatever you've got to offer are still needed. So if you haven't done so already, go wish Fiona well.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Gads, so chipper sounding! Good going! I walked 7 120 step paces around the family room last night at 2:15am when I couldn't sleep!

We'll be checking in on Fiona again soon and have all of our toes and fingers crossed too.

Thomma Lyn said...

Oh, spring gardening! That's coming up for us soon, too. Have fun! :)

I saw that you'd posted the first chapter of Maelstrom. Cool Beans! I'm having trouble scrolling down past the first page, though -- don't know if the fact that I'm on Linux is making things wonky or not.

How marvelous that Dan is reading Maelstrom! YIPPEE! I bet he's loving it. :)

And fantastic about the seventeen miles.

The Ballicai and I visited sweet little Fiona. We're sending our love and purrs, and we hope she gets better soon.

d. moll, said...

Yes, that is so big that Dan is reading your book, very, very cool. I'll check out your chapter later today. LOL my high school students have gotten me hooked (i'm a bit embarrassed to admit) on the Twilight series.....

bunnygirl said...

TL, I double-checked the scrolling issue and it works fine for me, but I'm not on Linux. The link is via the Scribd site, and there are multiple options for viewing and saving the pdf, so maybe the way I saved it isn't optimal for Linux users.

I hope others who drop by will comment. If Scribd isn't going to be a good way for me to make my story available, I want to know because I'm thinking of saving the whole book out there.

the Bag Lady said...

You just had to brag about spring gardening, didn't you!!!??? Sheesh.

Spring gardening is still 3 months away for me. Sigh.

bunnygirl said...

Well, BL, for what it's worth, I'm a lousy gardener and in three months, it'll be too hot to grow much of anything outdoors. A Houston summer is better suited to steaming vegetables than to growing them!

Glenna said...

Lucky you that spring is there--throw it our way, would you? It's cold here and "mixed" precipitation. Looking forward to gardening myself. You could maybe plant lettuces, parsley, herbs and things for a certain bunny?

furrybutts said...

We hope Fiona gets well soon.. it's so worrying when one of our bun friends get sick :(

The scrolling function works for me as well, but I'm not on Linux :) Drat, I'll have to wait til later to read the book.. I'm supposed to be working now hee hee

Rabbits' Guy said...

Need some input ... Ive been "approached" to coordinate a contest which will encourage viewers to write their 2009 "Making lemonade out of lemons" stories. One will be randomly drawn to receive some prizes.

You still got the Bunny Benefit Bash set for March? If so we better hold ours off until April. ps - i don't know if i can talk BL into releasing a draft manuscript of "From Hutches to Hearts" for arize or not. :<(

Lastly - what ever happened with the broked faucet fiasco???

bunnygirl said...

RG: Yes, I was still planning the Bunny Benefit Bash for March. It's a long month, though. You could go early and I could start mine a little later, closer to Easter.

The broken faucet was eventually replaced, a week later. But I can't hook up the water filter to the new faucet and am trying to get an adapter. Always something.

Thomma Lyn said...

Bunnygirl, it must be a Linux thing. I can run Windows in a virtual machine (using VMWare). I booted up my VM and checked out your chapter in Windows, and the scrolling worked fine for me while I was there. Scrolling down is a problem only when I'm in Linux.