Friday, May 01, 2009

Running Around

I've been lazy about posting my workouts lately and I'm going to try to be better about that. This week was a mixed bag. On the one hand, Tuesday morning got rained out. We're talking thunder, lightning, wind-driven rain and street flooding. I tend to second-guess myself when I skip a workout, wondering if I'm just looking for an excuse. But when I saw the tv images of people being evacuated from their flooded homes on the west side of town, I figured maybe I wasn't such a wimp, after all.

On a positive note, though, I can run on campus in the mornings again. I had quit for awhile, following a campus shooting that had some of the hallmarks of gang activity, but last week the perp was arrested and he turned out to be a student with psychological problems.

Oddly, I found this reassuring. The way I see it, a random crazy person can get you anywhere-- office, school, church, shopping mall, or traffic light. There's no place truly safe, but no place is any more dangerous than another. I'll change my habits to avoid gangs and habitual criminals, but you can't have any kind of life worth living if you go in fear of crazy people.

So I ran twice this week, nice early runs before the sun was fully up. I had to contend with early-morning leaf-blowers, but that's an unavoidable hazard wherever one goes. Does anyone know what actually happens to all those leaves, by the way? Seems kind of pointless to blow them someplace else, since they'll only blow back again.


the Bag Lady said...

A shooting on campus!!? Crap, I would have stopped running there, too! Glad they arrested the perp. and you can go back to running there.
I worry about random crazy people every time I go to town.... the Rancher had some woman honking her horn and screaming her head off at him because he wouldn't run a red light!! WTF?

d. moll, said...

Yikes, a shooting on campus. That would certainly make me think twice about running without a flak jacket. There are regular stabbings and such downtown (5 blocks away) we don't go there at night.

Rabbits' Guy said...

I thought all the leaves blew to Ilex's worm bin in her Detroit Condo!!!

Campus shootings .. seems like I hear about that too much.

A running story ... the local downtown grocery store grills dogs and burgers outside at lunch time on Fridays ... they have ALL the fixings. They cook yours up right when you order it, hot and greasy. It's a beautiful day today, there's a bunch of us standing in line waiting for our stuff to grill. Next to me is a young lady I vaguely know .. wearing running gear. She won the Wenatchee Marathon (F) a couple weeks ago and I am congratulating her. "Who has the veggie burger?" says the grill chef. Guess who!

Bob-kat said...

Good for you! I agree that you can't organise your life around potential crazy folk but minimising risk against a known threat like a gang is just plain sensible.

Thomma Lyn said...

Yes, very sensible words, Bunnygirl -- doing what you can to minimize risk is a good thing, but a person can't live in fear.

*giggling* at your comment about leaf blowers! hehe Like you, I wonder what the point of it is? ;)

Sorry to hear about the bad weather you've had! We've had some good rain, but nothing nasty. Water is good for the garden, but it makes for soggy hikes!

Anonymous said...

you mentioned in an older post that you purchased the Julstro Self-Treatment system or book(s). I am considering purchasing a book, because I continuously strain my left calf. No one seems to be able to determine cause/solution. What is your opinion of this system? Did it work for you, making you injury-free? Thanx.

bunnygirl said...

Anon, the Julstro treatment is basically trigger-point therapy and I've found it very helpful for finding and breaking up areas of tension that lead to other types of soft tissue injury. Some of the trigger points are counter-intuitive, but they work. The techniques would be even more helpful if I used them consistently instead of only when I have a problem.

The other thing I find helpful is Kinesio tape. It's expensive, but very worth it. Runner's World did a story about it a few months ago and you can search their website for more information. The US Olypic team uses it and if you've ever seen an athlete wearing big stripes of tape in funny designs, that's Kinesio tape.

I recently sent a box of it to a friend who suffers from tendinitis. Her dream was to hike the Appalachian Trail, but her tendon problems were holding her back. She's on the trail right now, started in Georgia and is now in Tennessee. She's doing great with her taped tendons.

I know it's hard to believe that a tape can be that special, but it really is different from other tapes. It sticks better while allowing for circulation and freedom of movement.

So those are the two things that work for me: Julstro trigger point techniques and Kinesio tape.

Good luck, and I hope you get to feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bunnygirl,
Thanx for your reply. I purchased the Pain-Free Runner book and have begun the calf treatments. We'll see how it goes. Where can I buy the Kinesio tape, a drug store?
Thanx again,
Bill (Anon)

bunnygirl said...

Bill, I've never found a drug store that carried Kinesio, but medical supply stores may carry it. If there isn't one on your regular driving routes, call and ask before you go out of your way. At one time it was not widely available to general folks, since it was used primarily by physical therapists.

If you can't find any for sale locally, you can order it online. Amazon has several different suppliers, which is how I found mine. Sometimes I order through Amazon and sometimes I go directly to the company that is selling it.