Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekend Check-In

Wow, I haven’t had much to say around here lately, have I? Well, the reasons aren’t at all mysterious. I just haven’t had anything very interesting going on. I’m pretty busy with my job, marathon training and fiction writing, and the rest is just the normal petty annoyances of life.

The time from Labor Day to Thanksgiving feels more grueling than usual this year. I think it’s a combination of my earlier-than-usual vacation (mid-May) and my moving-hell month of August. I go to the office and I don’t want to be there, but it seems everyone has a better excuse than I do to take time off, so I go in and wish I were somewhere else. Administrative work is never very exciting, but I’m finding it particularly mind-numbing these days.

It doesn’t help that the last few weeks have been noisy, with either mowers, leaf-blowers or hurricane shutter installers working outside my window nearly every day! And then there was the day where they spent the entire morning power-washing the courtyard. And the three days it took them to feed the trimmed branches of the nearby oaks into a wood-chipper. Three days! And the oaks look no different. If I were a mystery writer, I would’ve gotten a lot of good ideas off that one!

I get hardly any work done with all this going on, and I go home with my nerves shredded. I’d be looking forward to the holidays, except that they’re their own form of teeth-grinding stress.

I need a break. Or some new inspiration. In the meantime I’ll keep plugging away at things, because if life has taught me anything, it’s that change is a constant, and there are worse places to be than in the doldrums.

Recent Workouts
Today: 2 hour bike, 2 mile run, 30 min strength training
Saturday: 16.5 mile run
Friday: Scheduled rest day
Thursday: 30 min easy elliptical
Wednesday: 45 minute bike, 3.5 mile run
Tuesday: 4 mile run (speed drills)
Monday: 30 minute elliptical, 10 minute row

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Anonymous said...

Arrgh, wood chippers! There's something particularly irritating about that noise.

(And one is not supposed to blog about the petty annoyances of everyday life? Uh oh, I'm in trouble! That's pretty much all I blog about!)