Saturday, June 03, 2006

Almost There!

Well, I hate to say it but I'm glad I didn't try to do a long run this morning. I'm clearly no longer sick, but there is just so much to do to get ready to leave tomorrow! I've been going pretty much non-stop, except for a break for Indian food and an afternoon nap. It's frustrating how for everything I cross off my list, I can think of something else, so the list never seems to get any shorter.

But I think we're just about ready. I got dialup working on my laptop so I'll be able to blog and check email even at my Dad's place (no DSL or wireless), and I'm trying to get set up so I can post pictures from my laptop, too.

In other words, I'm trying not to have a repeat of any of last year's mistakes.

Since this is a bunny and endurance sport blog, I'll be posting daily or near-daily updates of our two-week adventure on my vacation blog. (Linkable through my profile, if you forget.)

Drop by and share my adventures, and look for me back here in two weeks!

Oh, one other thing - I don't know why I keep forgetting. I'm all signed up for the Houston Marathon, being held on my 40th birthday, January 14, 2007!

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Jill said...

Have a wonderful vacation!

That is so cool about the marathon being on your birthday!! what an awesome way to celebrate your 40th.