Sunday, June 25, 2006


Well, I wouldn't have expected to have a good run today, after yesterday's slogfest. In fact, I initially planned to hit the gym instead. But even though I woke up late and my quads were a little stiff, I felt like giving it a try and I'm glad I did! Six miles with no real troubles until the last half mile, when I started to feel a little tired. Compare that to yesterday, when I was suffering from the very first mile.

Just goes to show that sometimes you're on, sometimes you're not. And there's not always an obvious explanation for it.

6 mile run


goldenlucyd said...

I hope your dear mom isn't as hard on you as she is on herself! (grin)
Have a beautiful, bouncy bunny-week. Mom too.

Ellie said...

Yeah... sometimes it's just there; sometimes it's not. Who knows? I'm glad you had a nice run!

"A bunny's a delightful habit;
No home's complete without a rabbit."

From "Marshmallow" by..Um... Claire Tewsberry? Something like that....

Ellie said...

Re: your comment on the pretty pictures where I run -- that's my "virtual run" from MD to FL, not my "real" running territory in Western Maryland. But it's just as pretty here. The mountains aren't as spectacular, but there are mountains nevertheless, and beautiful scenery everywhere (as long as I stay off the main roads.)

Rachel said...

I totally agree. Way to go for sticking with it on the tough days. Without the hard days, we would never have easy ones. The story of the duck and her duckling is precious. They are SO CUTE!

rice said...

Isn’t that just the best feeling when you really don’t want to go out but when you get out and do it and make it back feeling ten feet tall.. Great work.