Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tough Run

In many ways, it had all the earmarks of an excellent Saturday long run:
  • I mixed up a great new summer sports drink of Lemon-Lime Amino Vital plus concentrated pomegranate juice. Yum! (CarbPro and/or electrolytes can be added as appropriate.)

  • Weather was not too hot, although the humidity had me dripping a trail by the end of five miles.

  • I saw the Fourth of July preparations under way along the bayou-- tents, platforms, etc, already set up. They haven't staged the fireworks yet, though. Some year they have them out pretty early, but I guess with all the rain, they're h olding off.

  • I met a duck and her duckling. I had stopped to contemplate my options where the bayou had overflowed my trail and the duck and her fuzzy baby waddled right up to me looking for a handout. Made me feel like a real meanie for not having a Clif Bar on me.

  • I saw Jack Russell Terrier guy and his two little cuties.

  • I saw a mother cat and her kittens crossing the road together in the residential neighborhood.

But in spite of these very fine things, it was a lousy run. I couldn't get my lungs to clear, so I struggled with my breathing the whole time. My legs were tight. And I felt "off" and tired throughout, like I just didn't have enough energy.

I don't know if I'm still adjusting to being back home or if it just wasn't my day, but I ended up cutting this workout short and going home.

They can't all be good, folks.

10 mile run


From Here to There said...

Your drink sounds so yummy! Lovely run - too bad about your lungs, but you got 10 miles in!

Thanks for your comment - yup the pic is ventolin. I usually don't need anything for my asthma, it only acts up when I have a cold/flu in humid/cold/allergy weather. Unfortunately I can't take any puffers because of the increased heart rate they give. So I get to be a slug instead :(

Cliff said...

U feed ducks clif bar? :O...lucky ducks :)

Comm's said...

Well I am in no position lately to give any advice on effort versus energy expedniture. I only hope if your coming down with somethign you have more commen sense than I.