Monday, July 10, 2006

Jury Duty

For whatever reason, the county saw fit to call me for jury duty for the second time in as many years. Lucky me.

But I made the most of it. I parked across from the Y and walked to the courthouse. It's about a mile, but I was dressed for warm temps and I figured if I got cut early, I'd be glad to be parked right there close to the gym so I could get in a workout. Besides, I worked downtown long ago and it's always nice to get reacquainted. I've never minded walking a little bit.

I took a manuscript printout with me and got in about 2.5 hours of editing in the jury assembly room, going a bit crazy with my red pen, but hey, that's what editing is all about. At one point some alarms went off and a recorded announcement said for everyone to evacuate the building. We all looked at each other, murmuring questions and concerns, while the people working on our assignments at the front of the room carried on. I guess fire drills, bomb threat drills, etc, are par for the course in a county courthouse.

The bailiff my panel was assigned to was a cute and funny young lady. And we had some funny folks in our group too, which helped keep the process from feeling quite so much like we were cattle being herded to slaughter.

The lawyer for the prosecution seemed a slimy sort, and I was lucky to be able to truthfully give all the answers he didn't want to hear during the selection process. Yay, me! So I was cut around noon and made my way back to the Y.

My legs were a little tight, so it was an elliptical day. I wasn't in much of a gym workout mood, so I broke up my 45 minute workout into three 15 minute sessions, walking around between sessions. I changed machines at one point and found mysself in front of a TV set to the History Channel. They were showing a program on Roman engineering, which told me little that I didn't already know (I took a lot of Roman history classes in college), but it's nice to actually see the places and things I read about. And it helped pass the time.

When I got home I had a nice big salad, full of feta, olives and other good things, with a bit of hummus and pita on the side. And then for some reason I was exhausted. Nap time!

In all, not an unpleasant day.

Oh-- I forgot to mention this earlier, but the footbridge I use to get to the bayou trails has been tagged by Knitta!

Recent Workouts
Sunday: 90 minute spin
Monday: 45 minute elliptical and about 2 miles walking downtown


rice said...

Roman engineering Vs Jury duty.. ? “I’ll take Roman engineering for $1000”



Spider63 said...

That's the most constructive jury duty story that I have ever read. You made lemonade!

Rachel said...

That's lucky you didn't get picked. I did when I lived in St. Louis and had to sit on this awful attempted-murder criminal trial that lasted over a week. It was very stressful. Gave me nightmares. Emotionally exhausting.

Leslie said...

I've never been called and here you've had two go arounds.

Your dinner sounded delicious and has inpsired me to follow suit tonight. Thanks :)

Ellie said...

You sure had a lot of variety in your day! As much variety in your day as in your salad :-)