Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Stuff

Today I went for a six mile run, then went to the gym and lifted weights and did some swimming.

Yay, me!

I have determined that the chemicals in the pool at the university rec center are acceptable to my nose, so long as I don’t plan on sleeping within the following four hours or so. That means I could swim before work, at whatever point I’m ready to resume two-a-day workouts and/or get serious about my swimming again. Early morning swimming is always a bit of a challenge for me, with my distaste for cold and water, so I’ll wait for the motivation to come, as I know it will.

I did some more editing last night and now that the house is quiet I’m going to do some more. I’m also pondering an alternate ending to the draft of my second novel, which ended on such a dark note that it depressed even me. And I like unhappy and ambiguous endings! From a marketing point of view, I have a feeling I’d get nowhere with the ending the story has now. I can always keep the depressing ending in a separate version.

I’m a little worried about Dan tonight. He was feeling kind of run down all last week, and then tonight he had what he describes as a blood sugar drop, leading to chills and shakes until he ate something sweet. I’m suspicious about this. He ate a fairly big meal only a few hours before this happened. But he also ran three miles during the hottest time of the day today. He’s been slacking on running, and today was so hot that even I wouldn't have tackled a run at 3:30 in the afternoon. And I run regularly and have a high heat tolerance. So maybe it was a delayed reaction or something. He’s talking about going to the doctor for a blood workup and I sure hope he follows through. I'm concerned that there might be more going on here than meets the eye.

Not much else of note around here. I’m doing a demo tomorrow of a new hire orientation presentation. Ho-hum. And I’ve got lots of org charts and spreadsheets to work through this week. It will probably be even duller than it sounds.

Today’s Workouts
Sunday: 6 mile run, weights, 500m swim


Cliff said...

I hate cold water too. In fact, even in cool, semi-cool water, my legs can't stop shaking. Not a good thing as they then gets to cramp up easily.

Too bad u can't market well with unahppy and ambiguous ending....if the happy ending goes well, u can sell the unhappy one as an alternate ending or something :)

Spider63 said...

Great run, and lifting weights!!! As Okrah would say, "You GO Girl!!"

Ellie said...

Bunnygirl!! You write NOVELS??? I am in awe.

I ran 10 miles in hotter-than-usual conditions today and am having the same type of feelings as your husband -- chills, shivering, food cravings. I think hot-day running takes more out of a person than normal-day running.

Good job on the double workout!

Comm's said...

Jsut stuck at my desk and glad to read that you are getting your training in today. Ho Hum is right.

iportion said...

I hope your dan is okay.

I write novels to. Writng fiction is now more of a hoby now for me. I've had some works published.