Thursday, September 14, 2006

L'ordinateur est arrivé!

Yay! My replacement computer is finally here!

It took all evening of Dan setting it up for me, re-installing patches, docs and software, but I’m back up and running, and I’m very happy!

I’m just hoping now that this new machine will prove as reliable as the one I had for eight years. Or that it will prove even half as reliable. Anything but have to muck around with all those cables again! Where do they come from? Why so many? I seem to have way more cables behind my desk than are actually required for all the things I do. They must be back there breeding new cables, or something, twisting around each other like spaghetti.

Anyone need an extra cable? I’ve got ‘em!

Recent Workouts
Sunday: 6 mile run
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4 mile run
Wednesday: 40 minute elliptical
Thursday: 4.5 mile run


Rachel said...

Thanks for the comment on my post. Those are great tips. It's frustrating to see weight come back on that's not muscle (my pants fit tighter). Argh. Anyway, keep up the good work.

rice said...

8 years! thats a good run.. hope you get as many out of the new one.