Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Update

Grrr… I’m still without my computer!

My husband has been too wonderful for words in his tireless dedication to getting my PC up and running. He even bought me a new hard drive, when all else failed. But it’s doing the same thing as the other, leading us to think we either have a bad copy of WinXP or else a bad motherboard. Dan is going to get another copy of Windows for me tomorrow, so we should know something definite by tomorrow evening. I’m hoping it’s the OS, because I really don’t want the hassle of having to ship the whole CPU back to Dell and wait for a replacement.

Considering that he does this sort of thing for a living (and is probably sick of it when he comes home) and that he has his own computer (it’s mine that’s crashing), he’s really going above and beyond. I could’ve done everything he’s done myself, but it would’ve taken me a lot longer, since I've been out of tech support for so long.

I’ll have to remember to be nice to him.

I had a really good run this morning – fifteen miles with no trouble at all. That’s due at least in part to Mary’s work on my legs Thursday. Nothing like a good massage! I also increased the electrolyte level in my sports drink, which I’m sure also helped. I’m still using a combo of Amino Vital, Endurolytes and pomegranate juice. Today it was borderline salty with the extra electrolytes, but I stayed close to water fountains, so it was all good.

Not much else is happening here. I must be getting caught up on my sleep because I woke up from my post-Indian-food nap much earlier than usual. With so many days off, I’m reverting to type and becoming a terrible night owl again. I’m always pretty bad about that, but I can become almost vampire-like in my day/night, sleep/wake reversal, when I don’t have office hours tying me to the rest of the civilized world’s schedule.

Going back to work on Tuesday will be interesting. Oh, yes. Fun times.

Today’s Workout
15 mile run


Jill said...

Hopefully the computer will start working soon. Shipping things back is such a pain.

As for why I am doing the long runs - training for both the Chicago and Tulsa marathons.

What about you?

Spider63 said...

If you have a Dell the best thing to do is replace the whole thing. If you have the top warranty they will mail you a new one, and then you can transfer your files and send back the old one. Otherwise, I am not sure what they do. I had a Dell notebook many years ago, and when it went haywire, the whole thing was shot. Trying to fix the little symptoms was a never-ending chore. Only getting them to send a new one seemed to resolve the many problems. Computers are like cars, when they are lemons; everything breaks down sooner or later. Good luck.