Sunday, June 24, 2007

A run, a house, a sale and a parade

What a busy day!

I started with an early run. I did the Tanglewood route again, which I really like. I think I’m just not bored with it yet. I also like being able to stop at Rice Epicurean Market for some cold water, which helps a lot at mile nine. Overall, I had a good solid run. It looked like it might rain, but it never did.

Dan and I did our usual Indian buffet for lunch, and afterwards we went to look at the house. We got there a little early and the professor wasn’t around, so I walked around the neighborhood a bit, getting a feel for the place. It’s very tidy and quaint, and nearly every car has a university decal. I noticed the university police patrolling the neighborhood, which I considered a good sign. Our university has real cops, not rent-a-cops, and our university cop shop even has a real jail with two cells. Security is a big deal, so when the professor showed up to show us the house, I mentioned having seen a university cop car in the area, and he said the neighborhood is part of their regular patrol beat. Very cool.

Anyway, the house needs some work, which is why it won’t be ready until August, but it’s structurally sound and has some really lovely retro features like glass bricks, a phone cubbyhole in the hallway, black and white checkerboard linoleum in the kitchen, and of course, hardwood floors. There’s a fireplace, too. What the place mainly needs is some paint and a re-do of the bathroom tile. The owner said he was going to do all that, and more.

The garage has lots of storage, outdoor parking for two cars, and an efficiency apartment that we can either sublet or use for our own needs. I want to make it into a workout room, but Dan thinks it would make a better music studio. I can see we’re already going to have to make some compromises!

The lot is on a small hill and it didn’t flood in either Hurricane Alicia or Tropical Storm Allison, so it’s safe from that bugaboo of Houston properties. And it’s got decks out back, a nice front porch, and lots of big shade trees, which accounts for the ridiculously low electric bills the place has, even in the hottest months. The lower bills would completely make up for the marginally higher rent, and keep us from needing to rent out the garage apartment.

The only two issues are that there’s a woman who hasn’t seen the place yet who has first dibs if she wants it, and of course we have a pesky lease-thingy where we’re at now. But I’m going to give a copy of my lease to one of my lawyer friends and see what he thinks. Then I’ll talk to my last boss at the university, who is quite possibly one of the best contract negotiators in the state. If there’s a way out of my lease, I’ve got the Dream Team to make it happen! And if I can’t get out of the lease, maybe we could sublet the house to a quiet law or MBA student until the end of next spring. But there’s a way to make this house happen—I’m sure of it.

After we saw the house, we came home and dropped by a moving sale at an apartment in our building. We bought a nice table that we can put in our kitchen if we get the house and that we have no clue what we’ll do with, otherwise. Put it in storage, I guess. And we also got a floor lamp, a small wicker chest, wooden hangers, and some other cool stuff.

I took a nap in the late afternoon and went to a parade tonight. I had a great time, since there’s nothing like a night parade. Everyone was feeling pretty festive, and even the police horses were wearing beads and glow necklaces! Spectators kept trying to join the parade. The group with the banjo-player were somewhat convincing, but no one was fooled by the others. One spectator thought she was in New Orleans and kept flashing her breasts. Honestly, if you’re going to expose yourself in public, you should at least have something worth showing. Maybe that’s why no one really seemed to mind what she was doing. I was glad when a cop showed up, though. Her little group was pretty drunk and kept wandering into the street, which was sort of already in use by this parade thing, you know.

But that was the only sign of rowdiness I saw. It was a friendly street festival atmosphere, with people of every age, ethnic group and social class, dogs and children in tow, taking pictures of the parade and each other, while the parade marchers took their own pictures of us and each other as they went by. As the parade was drawing to a close, a man in the crowd behind me got my attention and draped a lei around my neck. Then he kissed me and walked away. I must be doing something right to get still get that kind of attention from a stranger!

In all, it’s been a fun day. And even Tidbit got to join in the fun once I came home.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

That house sounds great! Lets just hope the other woman is the sort who won't be able to see past the paint and tile issues.

And I always love a parade and a gratuitous bunny picture!

Vickie said...

Bunny looks ready for Mardi Gras! The house does sound divine. I love old houses with the old features, but well built old houses of course. It will be great if you get it!

Rachel said...

Your bunny is SO cute! Very happy. The house sounds great. I can't wait until we're ready to start looking ourselves.

The best way to start out a day is with a run. It makes the rest of the day so easy!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, Tidbit is just so precious. :-D And wow, that house sounds great!

Reading your blog really makes me miss the days when I ran. I walk these days because of a knee injury, but oh, how I loved running! :-))))

December/Stacia said...

The house sounds lovely! I'm so jealous. :-)

Best of luck with it, hopefully the other woman won't want it.

Spidey said...

When are you going to post a photo of yourself running?? It sounds like you have a lot of fun. Maybe I missed it, but have you ever posted photos of your running route?

Leslie said...

What a great post :) The house sounds so nice! I love those phone cubbies in the hallway. I have an old black wall phone that I bought at an antique shop a few years back. It was a duplicate of the one I grew up with so it hangs in our laundry/mud room. It's cool to have an old "dialer" and to hear those familiar clicks and whirs as you dial.

Our Calgary Stampede parade is this Friday and even though I won't see it in person, I'll be glued to the tube, taking in all the festivities. It's the only time in a year that I ever hear bagpipes and I actually quite like them.

Tidbit looks ever so festive (and adorable).

Keeping my fingers crossed that you get the house and ease out of your lease.

From Here to There said...

As usual, horribly behind! I'll keep my fingers crossed the house works out. It sounds fantastic.

txrunnergirl said...

The house sounds so awesome! We're looking, but I have a feeling we'll end up in the 'burbs. BTW, I missed the parade this year! It's so much fun. Tidbit looks cute in the festive garb.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

OMG! We're crossing our paws for you guys. And Tidbit must be really laid back in order to wear all those pretty baubles without shaking them off!

Allie Boniface said...

That is so exciting about the house! Hope it all works out - and yes, house buying is stressful but so worth it in the end!!