Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Montage: Bookcases, Workouts, and WTF

Not much to say about this past weekend, except that it went by way too fast and I got a very nice, very big bookcase out of the deal.

One of Dan’s co-workers was having a yard sale Saturday morning, so I arranged my run so that I could be there when the sale started at 8:00. I did a five mile loop through River Oaks and was only a few minutes late arriving at the cute Montrose duplex where the sale was being held. Dan was already there, and so was Dan’s boss Charlie and his wife. I spent about thirty minutes hanging out, chatting about nothing and everything before we finally agreed to buy the big bookcase, with pickup arranged for after lunch.

Then Charlie and his wife went on their way, Dan went for more coffee, and I took off for Rice University where I made the loop around the campus and came back home. It was very humid and getting quite warm when I finished my run, and I can say with authority that we’re into summer for sure.

After lunch, we went to get the bookcase, but once we got it back to the apartment, we realized that it was too heavy for me to help carry upstairs. It was embarrassing to wimp out, but we live on the third floor, at the top of a winding staircase. I got to the third step and realized that I couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t drop my end, injuring myself or Dan. And since I have injury-related arthritis in my right foot from a case of furniture-related bravado twenty years ago, I said no way, we needed someone stronger. So Dan got a neighbor to help, and even he, a fit young man of thirty, said it was no picnic.

Okay, so I’m not a total wimp. Maybe just 75% wimp.

In the meantime, I played Betty Homemaker and cleared a path for the bookcase, swept up the bunny hay and fetched cold drinks for the guys. Anything was better than feeling useless. And after the neighbor left, I helped Dan bring the bookcase in and move it where we wanted it to go. I could do that much. It was just all those damn stairs I couldn't manage!

New furniture makes for curious critters, of course, and they’ve had a fine weekend investigating the altered landscape of their little world. Very cute.

And that was the big excitement of the weekend. I did a good two-hour spin workout today, picked up my asthma meds, and finally found a store that had my favorite granola bars in stock. I got the last box.

Anyone else noticing shortages of stuff in the stores? You know, things that used to always be in stock and are now regularly in short supply or out of stock altogether? It’s very frustrating to have to shop four different places for a box of dumb granola bars. And no place within a five mile radius seems to be stocking Puffin cereal bars this week. I’d find these kinds of situations much less annoying if I had an explanation for them. It’s the WTF factor that gets me every time.

And speaking of WTF factor, anyone watch the series finale of the Sopranos? I quit watching regularly a few seasons ago because I was getting too hooked, and I refuse to be a slave to my TV. But I really did want to see how it all ended, and quite frankly, I wish I hadn’t bothered. Nothing happened that I couldn’t have read about on the message boards. An hour of my life, wasted.

You have a lot to answer for, David Chase!

Recent Workouts
Monday: 30 elliptical—steady state
Tuesday: 5 mile run
Wednesday: worked late—no workout
Thursday: 30 minute elliptical—ladder drill
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 13 mile run
Sunday: 2 hour spin


Vickie said...

I am glad our weather hasn't been that humid yet. Not missing that! As for the things running out in stores? I have noticed this too, at a Walmart where I shop. Always seem to be out of the things I regularly buy, and now that they have restocked, they have been eliminated altogether. I am wondering too.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Re: carrying heavy shit:
I used to revel in being able to lift more than a typical "girl." Now I let my ego step aside; injuries just aren't worth it. I let big guys wreck their backs and knees etc.

Damn, I was really looking forward to it and I was disappointed too.

I really think Tony should have been shot in the last scene, and in my mind that's what "really" happened and that's why the screen went blank--because it was through his POV. But no one else seems to agree with me on that.

Spidey said...

The Sopranos and all those other moronic shows about trailer-park white trash Mafia families are all exactly the same. Family, loyalty, psychotics, sociopaths, adultery, back-stabbing, moronic guys that talk like morons, foul-mouthed lahora wives, messed-up children, etc.

If you like Sopranos so much, look for a trailer-park in your city and hang out there for an hour every night. You are bound to see someone getting stabbed or shot at least once a month.

From Here to There said...

You're not a wimp! 3 flights is painful!

I'm really sore today after helping Steve install the ceiling fan in our bedroom for 2 hours yesterday. It's not easy holding your arms above your head that long holding the darn fan!

I feel your pain.

Congrats on the purchase, and the workouts!