Friday, June 29, 2007


(Note: This post is cross-posted to my Writing blog.)

Check this out-- online scrapbooking! I wish I hadn't found out about this. I'll be wasting a lot of time here!

And in other news, Thomma is at it again. This time she gave me a cool little award:

All this in spite of the fact I still owe her a meme! Now that's a real friend!


Spidey said...

I clicked the link but it just kept reloading the scrapblog. I will try again later, bye!

Vickie said...

Very cool!

Leslie said...

Go you!!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing - it is so cool! I have been using the online programs to create "real" scrapbooks, but i really like the one in your post.

writtenwyrdd said...

That is a cool little thingy. Glad I'll never try it, or I'd probably get addicted and never ever write again!