Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Not-So-Restful Weekend

What a weekend! Here’s the lowdown:


  • Got watch fixed
  • Got hair cut (hate it, but that’s a separate issue)
  • Donated a big ol’ stack of old magazines
  • Bought new cookbook
  • Went to cheap store to stock up on baking supplies
  • Went to my usual organic stores for weekly groceries
  • Went thrifting—bought cute capris for $2.50

Miscellaneous Projects:

  • Colored my hair (nothing fancy, just covering the gray)
  • Started altering the $2.50 capris (needed to be taken in at the hips; for $2.50 I don’t mind doing a small alteration)
  • Tidbit’s Easter photo shoot


  • Banana-walnut bread
  • Carrot-Apple bread
  • Carrot cookies (came out dry, although I followed recipe exactly)

Other Cooking:

  • Black beans with garlic
  • Brown rice
  • Wilted spinach with garlic
  • Curry zucchini
  • Curry rice
  • Hard-boiled eggs (not for the Easter Bunny but for my lunches this week)

Other Food:

  • Saturday lunch (Indian restaurant!) with Dan


  • 17 mile run (including first-ever encounter with hostile canine)
  • 90-minute spin
  • Weights and abs


I think that’s it. I’m tired now and I still have to feed the critters and iron some clothes for tomorrow. I swear sometimes I need a vacation from both my job and my weekends!


From Here to There said...

Ok, I'm tired now! I don't know how you do it. Must be the PM in you!

the Bag Lady said...

What's wrong with your haircut?
And tell us about the hostile canine, do!

Michele said...

You are extraordinarily productive, BG; if I completed 25% of what you do, I'd be very happy indeed.

Congratulations on having your work accepted by Word Catalyst Magazine---awesome! And I read Shannon's review of your "Diana" book---again, awesome! :-)

Anonymous said...

you amaze me! but since i've worked out and stuff i allowed myself a weekend of hermitism (is that a word!!)... i guess you made up for my being a hermit with all you did!!!

sorry to hear about the hostile canine. my best walk is a 3 mile off road loop so i can let the dogs off lead where there aren't people, but even when there are i ask the approaching person if they're ok with the dogs cuz my dogs are really friendly. not cool when you find the unfriendly ones!

The Bunns said...

Chew, poop, sleep, poop, drink, eat, eat, chew, chew, sleep ....

certainly not as varied as your routine, but it keeps us hopping!

Have a good week away from "work"!

Kappa no He said...

I'm with the bag lady....tell us more about the bad haircut and crazy dog. I'm so glad your okay though.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Auntie Bunnygirl! You've had a great weekend -- and quite a busy one! Congratulations on everything you got done -- that's fabulous!

Mom's been deep into her novel, but she's finally letting us Ballicai blog! If she'd waited much longer, I would have hocked a hairball on her head.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!