Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Conference

My first two days back at work have been at a conference in Galveston. On the whole, it was pretty good. I got to meet my peers from other state universities, I heard some good speakers, got some very useful handouts I wish I’d had years ago, and I got to hang out at a nice hotel.

My only big frustration was Monday afternoon, when out last session was supposed to end at 4:00, then at 4:15, and ended up not ending until nearly 5:00. I had planned to go for a run along the seawall, but the late end to the day nixed that idea, since I still had to drive home and do various household things. Then I thought maybe I could do it today, since we would end at noon. But once we were finished with the conference, one of my new bosses wanted to take us all out for lunch, and even though I ate light, a storm was moving in by the time we were done so I had to head straight home.

No running on the seawall for me. Bummer. With Galveston an hour away, I won’t be running the seawall anytime soon, unless I’m down there for some other reason in the near future.

Tomorrow is the big day—the day I actually get to move into my new office and start seeing what kind of work they have for me. My boss is excited because she says this is the first time she’s brought someone in who didn’t require training. I’m just relieved I’ll soon have keys, an office, and projects. This has been a nice interlude, but it’s time to get back to work!


RoadBunner said...

Good luck with your "first" day!

Anonymous said...

Shame you missed your run.

Good Luck with the new job.

MizFit said...

happy new office day!!!

SeaBreeze said...

That's really disappointing that you had to miss your run not once but TWICE. I feel for you. :(

Thomma Lyn said...

I'm sorry you missed your run, but I'm excited for you, with your new office and new job! :)

the Bag Lady said...

Bummer about missing out on running the seawall.
Hope the first day in your new job went well.
(What is it about all the cities in Texas having songs written about them? Now I've got Glen Campbell running through my head...ordinarily, when I read your blog, it's "one day closer to you..." [who did that song, anyway? Gatlin Bros?], and Mizfits blog gives me George Strait ...which, I admit, isn't all that bad....)

Chairman Mao said...

I hope things are goin superduper at yur new workiespace!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!