Friday, September 23, 2005

Another Update

11:30 pm, still got lights, lots of wind but nothing we can't handle. Dan says he's heard the building creak a little, but I think that's to be expected. Unnerving, but sorta normal, I guess. As soon as the lights go out for good, I'm going to make a run down the first floor apartments, turn off all the breakers and grab my ice from my neighbor's freezer where I stored it.

The ice will help our fridge stay cool longer, so I don't want to grab it before I need it. And I don't want to shut off breakers now in case someone might actually be dumb enough to be trying to ride out the storm on the first floor that flooded so badly in some parts in 2001.

The say the worst of it will be in the next couple hours. Of course there's always the back side of the 'cane to consider and the potential for tornados, but I'll breathe easier once I know the eye has landed. Especially if we still have power.

Just heard something that sounded like a distant explosion. Very disconcerting. Gonna quit blogging for now.

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