Saturday, September 24, 2005

Everything In Its Place

Well, we got lucky. We never lost power. After a breakfast of hot oatmeal while watching the storm footage, we went back to Camp Tidbit to retrieve the last of the things we'd left there. Then we spent the afternoon putting things away, returning patio furniture to the balcony, taking things out of bags, etc.

What a lot of work!

On the one hand, it feels like overkill-- all the work we did bagging things up and moving our most irrreplacable items to safety. But then again, we did this on a day when we were told to expect a direct hit from a Category 4 hurricane. A storm of that magnitude would've taken off parts of our roof and broken some windows. Had Thursday's forecast been correct, being able to come home to find most of our stuff safe and dry would've been of tremendous psychological value. I remember reading about people coming back to their New Orleans homes after Katrina and finding their belongings damaged by water or covered in black mold. That wouldn't have happened at my place!

What a pain to have to undo all that, though!

I think if I see another large ziplock bag or black trash bag I'll have a nervous breakdown.

So now it's 5:00, we're hungry and we're going to see if we can find a restaurant open. There's plenty to eat here at home if we feel like cooking, but we're kinda in the mood to be waited on.

We deserve it.

More later.


Chris said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're alright and that you didn't sustain any major damage. And no worries about the packing up and leaving. Better safe than sorry, eh?

Susan said...

Glad that you are ok. Hope your training goes well. I hope to do a tri someday - I need to learn to swim first.