Friday, September 30, 2005

Back To Reality

My challenge for this week has been to get psyched up for both work and training.

Yes, I had to go back to work this week. Darn. We went back at noon on Wednesday, but only about half the staff made it in, so things were pretty peaceful. Neither of my assistants came in so I stayed busy with simple things-- taking plastic bags off computers, handing out and accepting forms and answering silly questions. The kinds of things my assistants usually handle. It was a nice change of pace.

Several of us also spent a good long while eating ice cream and gabbing about hurricanes. Hey, it beats working. Blue Bell's Banana Pudding ice cream ROCKS!

That was Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday were normal. Way too normal. We were totally back to such joys as the irritable boss who only half-explains things, lots of big complicated projects and not a simple thing in sight. Oh wait, I take that back. A simple request came through today-- a travel request form needed to be filled out. Normally one of my assistants would handle such a thing, but time was of the essence and I had both of them busy with a much more important project that I'm not allowed to do as a matter of university policy. So I figured what the heck, it's good to keep my lower-level skills up to date, and who doesn't like an easy task after weeks of endlessly convoluted ones? So I filled out the travel request form.

As far as workouts go, I'm afraid I've lost a little steam since deciding that my budget simply can't accomodate Iron Star this year or an Iron Man signup for next year. Or rather, I could do it, but not as comfortably as I would've liked, after giving to Katrina relief efforts and having to rebuild my own hurricane supply stash more quickly than I had planned. And at the rate things are going with storms, gas prices and Dan's kidney stones, I don't know how much of our usual fall bike series we'll be able to salvage either.

So I might do some of the marathon warmup series this fall, just to feel like I'm doing something. I swore off the 20K, 25K and 30K races several years ago because it seemed I was almost as jinxed on them as on the Houston Marathon. Only unlike the marathon, I actually was able to run the shorter races. It's just that I always would get injured. It's the weirdest thing. But I haven't run any of the races in the series since I got my Q-angle problem fixed, so maybe I'll give it another go, just for something to do. And if I don't hurt myself, I'll sign up for the marathon again and see if this time I actually make it to the starting line.

Recent Workouts
Monday: 45 minute elliptical
Tuesday: 45 minute bike, Spinervals 7.0 Uphill Grind
Wednesday: 2 mile morning run, 4 mile evening run
Thursday: 45 minute bike, Spinervals 5.0 Mental Toughness (1st half only)
Friday: Rest Day

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