Sunday, December 11, 2005

Recovery Day

Quads and hamstrings were hurting today, more than they did after my 18 miler two weeks ago. Weird. I guess my body just wasn't up for it yesterday. Funny how that happens. How do Pam Reed and Dean Karnazes do it?

I was up ridiculously late Saturday night writing but dragged myself out of bed around 10 am this morning anyway and soon after Dan left for the gym, I started slowly getting things set up for a spin session. Except -- oops -- the pump was in Dan's car and my rear tire was beyond questionable. It needed some air or I wasn't riding.

So I changed into "real" clothes and ran some errands that I had planned for after the workout. And since Dan was at the park by the time I finished up I went by and got the bike pump. Success! I put air in the tires and I was in business!

My knee did okay until the last half hour, when there were a few times when it acted like it wanted to lock up on me. It clicked a few times, but it wasn't painful. I'll be glad to get it looked at and in the meantime I'm trying to find the problem spot with the tennis ball but haven't been successful yet.

I'm not looking forward to this week. The internal auditor is coming on Tuesday and Thursday-- a three hour meeting each time to evaluate my department's compliance with business policies during the past fiscal year. Yuck. There are so many things I think he's going to find. Last year was a terrible one for me because I lost an assistant and was not allowed to re-hire, the assistant who remained was sick all the time and they changed departmental business practices on us, keeping me in meetings all the time and delaying a lot of our paperwork to where we were often out of university business compliance by the end of all the shenanigans. Oh, I'm going to have a lot of fun trying to explain all that to the auditors! I wonder if I should just submit my resignation now and get it over with.

But at least the worst of it will be over by mid-day Thursday. And then it's three days of mandated holiday cheer as I attend Christmas parties Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon and mid-day the following Monday. Nothing like feeling you must attend to make you feel like celebrating!

Today's Workout
90 minute bike - Spinervals 5.0 Mental Toughness


Bolder said...

Pam Reed and Dean Karnazes are bionic, lab grown terminators.

p.s. because of you, and your type! which i refer to as nasty word verifiers, the Mariah Carey marathon continues!

p.p.s. it is inhuman to make someone type in 'gufsfdzy'

Oldman said...

don't compare yourself to pam and dean...they don't maintain your work schedule.

Cliff said...

I think it is mental toughness by u not quitting the bike. It is far easier to put it off until tomorrow. Great that you stick with it.

Santa Claus said...

Tidbit -

Thanks for your note. Santa will work on this and do as much as is humanly possible.

The reindeer say "hello" back. They look forward to seeing you in a few days.

- Santa

p.s. you should get your own email address

p.p.s. Tell your humans that Santa ran 10 miles last weekend himself. Nothing major though on the race calendar until late spring.

Santa Claus
CEO, North Pole Inc.

Holly said...

Hang tough this week.. by Thursday it will be over!

Steve Bezner said...

The weekend is almost here! Good luck on your weekend-end run(s). I'm following your knee reports!