Friday, January 27, 2006

Critters, Weather and Other Miscellany

My mother had to put her cat to sleep today. Poor kitty had been acting a little strange right before Mom went to the hospital. When she came home it was obvious the cat was in poor health. It turned out to be feline leukemia. All of my family's animals tend to be strays that just show up one day, so there's no telling why the cat got sick or how long ago. The cat was so sick that by today there was no longer any point to heroic efforts.

Poor kitty. And poor Mom. Her father died before Christmas, then she was sick in the hospital and now this. It does seem that bad luck runs in cycles, just like good luck.

Speaking of sick pets, Baruchito the hamster hasn't been doing very well. If you like critters, you might want to drop in and offer a few words of encouragement. As of this posting, he was rallying a bit.

I'm still on a reduced training plan as I work on strengthening my core, hips and legs. The abductor exercises are excruciating. The only thing that gets me through them is knowing that they'll get easier if I just keep at it. I'm ready for that to happen, like, yesterday.

They're predicting rain tomorrow, clearing by Sunday, so we'll see how that turns out. As long as the rain holds off until late morning or so, I ought to be able to get in a long run. I'm prepared to do a combination of treadmill and other cardio in the gym if I have to, though. I don't do rain, especially not "a few storms might be severe." And then Sunday is the first bike ride of the spring season (nice to be in southern Texas!) so if my legs don't give me any trouble Saturday, my plan is to go do a nice easy fifty on Sunday morning. If Sunday doesn't work out though, I'm not worried. There will be an organized ride with rest stops and SAG support almost every weekend from now until June.

Sorry I haven't been posting more often. I'm kind of in a slump on my fiction writing right now, too. I'm still working on it every night, but the last couple weeks have been hard. It's work when the words aren't flowing. And I guess that has carried over into my blogging. I’m short on ideas and the words don't come easy.

Or maybe I'm just a dull girl these days. Gotta do something about that.

Recent Workouts
Tuesday: 30 minute core and strength training, 30 minute elliptical
Wednesday: 30 minute core and strength training, 45 minute bike - Spinervals 7.0 Uphill Grind
Thursday: 30 minute elliptical, 15 minute stairmaster
Friday: Rest Day

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Kyle said...

Sorry to hear abut yuor moms cat, at least they didnt leave you a message on your phone from the vet emergency room...