Thursday, January 12, 2006

Postal (Dis)Services

For years we've had a problem with mail delivery to my department. We're in a building off campus, but our mail is still routed through the university system. Fine. But even though our building has a ginormous red number on the outside, even though we have a clearly marked mail room and even though we have a very neatly labeled mailbox, our mail still ends up in a totally different building in an unmarked box next to Accounts Payable.

Not all of our mail, mind you. Some of it ends up where it belongs. And therein lies the mystery because there is no difference in mail code or address between what ends up in the correct box vs what ends up in the next building.

We've tried for years to get this problem corrected, but the good folks in our university's Postal Services department deny that this is even happening. They say our mail couldn't possibly be ending up in the next building in an unmarked mail slot and if it is, someone else is doing it.

Right. We have Evil Postal Gnomes that go around moving mail from one building to the next just to confuse us.

So today my assistant was fed up and convinced someone to come out and actually look at the problem. And you know what he found? Not only did he find just what we've said for years-- an extra "secret" mailbox full of our mail in the next building, but he also found another, extra-special, uber-secret unmarked box also full of our mail!

Okay, so our mail is being delivered to three different places, including one so secret that even we aren't allowed to know where it is. Great.

But once again, Postal Services denies that it is they who are doing this! No, it most be those pesky Postal Gnomes again, up to their old mail-stealing tricks!

Well, at least Postal Services now acknowledges that we're neither crazy nor lying when we say we're not getting our mail. It's progress, I suppose.

Gonna buy me some Gnome Spray this weekend.

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Chris said...

I think you should hold a stake out on the two mailboxes and sticking mail in there. That'd maybe help solve the problem?

Although the idea that gnomes exist is kind of fun. :)