Saturday, January 21, 2006

Drama Mama

Okay, I'm going to say a few things that will probably sound callous.

Why on earth do people in my family think it's okay to leave weepy, panicky voicemails about health issues when:

A. There is no clear threat to life or limb.


B. My presence is not needed and will not be helpful.

Basically, I got home from work Friday to find two voicemails from my sister (I have no idea why she didn't call me at work) saying that she was with my mother in the emergency room. So I immediately called my sister on her cell, my head full of terrible prospects, only to find that it was merely a case of abdominal pain. I asked a few questions, got a pretty good idea of what the problem wasn't, then talked to Mom, who was on pain meds and sounded pretty good. But even after we ran down the list of potentially scary diagnoses that had already been ruled out, she had to get her little drama dig in with, "But there's always the chance that they might have to do surgery!"

Okay. No picnic, there. And there's always the chance that they'll come back and say it's some really awful, rare thing that always makes for a better TV movie than reality. But isn't it a little extreme to go working the family into a frenzy just yet, without so much as a diagnosis?

As it turns out, it's a case of diverticulitis. No one's idea of a good time, but hardly worth all the dramatic buildup.

They're keeping Mom a few days so they can administer intravenous antibiotics, but after that she's good to go. No surgery and no long-term health implications so long as she goes forth and eats her roughage like a good girl.

Maybe it's me and Dan who are the weirdos here, but neither one of us has ever called our respective families over a medical issue. Not the time Dan needed stitches. Not the time I had to have a benign breast lump removed. (Okay, that freaked me out a little because I'd never had surgery before.) And not when Dan had kidney stones. It just didn't seem important. I don't know how other non-family members do it, but I'm saving my "panic and pity" capital for the big stuff, thankyouverymuch. And praying in the meantime I'll never need to draw on that account.

So if you call me in a panic, wanting me to participate in your little tragic opera, please have it be a real emergency or at least something you need my help with. Speak to me in calm, reasonable tones. Tell me how I can make things better. But don't call just to tweak my emotions. Hit and run ain't cool.

Recent Workouts
Today: 14 mile run
Friday: (attempt to) rest day
Thursday: 30 minute run - intervals, 30 minute core and strength training
Wednesday: 30 minute elliptical, 20 minute strength training
Tuesday: 55 minute bike - Spinervals 11.0 Big Gear Strength, 30 minute core and strength training


From Here to There said...

How fun is this!! Happy birthday to you :)

and thanks for posting on my blog. It's been a secret (well except for 2 or 3 people....) until now.

Bloglines - funny you should mention that - I signed up today and while clicking through Nancy (who I don't even think new I was reading her blog the past couple of weeks) came across Ellie, and so on and so on... :)

I will take some time to learn what you're all about, if you don't mind me poking around! :)

All the best, and happy training!

Una :)

Bolder said...

looks like you turned the drama into a drama-tic run... 14 miles... well done!

Brian said...

I agree with you. I dislocated my shoulder a few months ago and they asked in the ER if I wanted to call my parents. I said, "well since they live 4hrs away and cant do anything but worry anyway, I will just wait until you guys fix me send me home and I will call them tomorrow after I have slept." I mean what were my parents going to do but just sit around and worry over something they could do nothing about?