Saturday, January 07, 2006

You Can't Be Sirius?

My husband's friend gave him a satellite radio yesterday. Nifty! It's a slightly older model, but it does everything a satellite radio needs to do and it has a cradle and various gizmos for it to work in the car as well as in the home, hooked into speakers. It's pretty cool. And free, except for the monthly payments to Sirius.

I had a pretty good first week back at work. I had thought I would be all sleepy and out of sorts after my spoiled rotten week of no commitments, but everything went fine. No need for more than the usual amounts of caffeine, etc. I put all my Christmas chocolate into a glass dish in the break room and wasn't tempted by anyone else's candy offerings. I got a lot of good work done and even managed to impress a few people by volunteering for a little project that was easy and fun for me but a puzzling conundrum to my business manager.

Yay, brownie points!

I was disconcerted though, when she called me a few days later to ask for an update and called the project by a completely different name. For a moment I was a bit frantic. Holy crap, I'm supposed to be working on a fiduciary whatsit page??? Oh…. the checklist! LOLOL! Two linkage options tested and a third option in testing mode. Whew!

Fiduciary whatsits, indeed.

I had a mostly pain-free week, although as you can see from my stats below, I slacked on the running. But maybe that's what I needed to do because I was able to do the first twelve of my 14 mile run today without any problems and only added my cho-pat strap for the last couple miles because I thought I could feel a little whisper of pain in the patellar tendon and I had some hills coming up. The pain may have been my imagination though, because tonight the only thing that hurts is my right tensor fascia latae.

On this morning's run I saw what I think was the Houston Fit group getting their last pre-marathon pep talk. I almost went over to listen and say hello to some of my friends, but I think it would've only made me feel bad. I ran into a friend over the holidays who will be running next Sunday though, and I'll keep an eye out for her from my usual spot near mile 23. If she's hurting and isn't running with anyone, I'll run with her for a bit and try to distract her and keep her on pace. Miles 23-25 of the Houston Marathon can be brutal because of the hills and dips of the Allen Parkway underpasses.

I'm thinking of taking this next Friday off from work. I did it last year because it was my birthday and I enjoyed having a four-day weekend. (MLK Day is always a holiday for us at the university.) So even though my birthday falls on Saturday this year, I think I might start a little tradition by always taking Friday off and giving myself a four-day weekend. This would give me two four-day workweeks in a row, separated by a four-day "weekend."

I could live my whole life like that, I think.

Recent Workouts
Today: 14 mile run
Friday: Rest day
Thursday: 35 minute bike - Cyclerobx
Wednesday: 45 minute elliptical, core and strength training
Tuesday: 45 minute bike - Spinervals 1.0 "No Slackers Allowed"
Monday: 30 minute elliptical, core and strength training


Bolder said...

your right tensor what?

14 miles, that's over half-marathon... think about it!

you're on your way!!

p.s. by the way, is your bunny a pace bunny? that would be helpful.

Cliff said...

Bold is funny :)

Those 4 days weekend will be great...hmm..time for Cliff here to switch into University enviornment.

Oldman said...

my son got a sirius radio for Christmas, so he can listen to Howard, but I just don't get the monthly fee, but that's how cable tv started and now you can't live with out it.

Rachel said...

I just found your blog. I found it cool because I do triathlons and have bunnies as well! Aren't they the greatest? The pic of yours is adoreable. She looks so happy!

Brian said...

Thanks for the comments on my running frustrations. I will try just about anything now to get pain free. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Talk to ya later.