Saturday, May 06, 2006

Another Rainy Morning

This morning's storm arrived at the same time my alarm clock went off. Thunder, lightening, the works. Okay. I reset for half an hour and went back to bed. Thirty minutes later, it was still storming. So it was another long workout at the gym for me.

This time I took a change of clothes and an extra towel. Everything went pretty well, and no one showed up with out-of-control kids, which was nice. For some reason I couldn't get CNN on the television, but someone else turned one of the TVs to the Food Network, so that worked out okay. I wonder though, about people who feel the need to cut perfect circles out of pieces of bread.

The plan for tomorrow is to go for an early run, then hit the Y for some strength training. If time permits, I might also try to get in some time on the bike.

Not much else is going on. It's budget time at work and there are other projects going on as well. Everyone seems stressed-out and just not in the mood. I think we all want to go on vacation and are counting the days. But until they give us some firm dates for when the budget cycle will end, I can't set a date for my own vacation, which is probably fueling some of my angst and ennui. And so I try to slip out for a little walk at mid-day, or take a break to read some blogs, or schedule meetings that will end before I would normally go home, but not so early that it makes sense to drive back to the office. One does what one can.

I believe my financial advisor said I have sixteen more years of this to meet the state's retirement qualifications. Joy.

Recent Workouts
Tuesday: 6 mile run
Thursday: 45 minute cardio: 15 elliptical, 15 stairmaster, 15 treadmill
Saturday: 3 hour cardio: 45 elliptical, 45 stairmaster, 45 treadmill, 45 bike


goldenlucyd said...

Darling BG,
Who is Tidbit? Borther/Sister Bunny or Casual Friend Bunny? Verrrry cute in any case. Bun look soooo interested. (Bunnies are like that!)
Thanks for the condolences to Auntie Tob. She very much appreciated and reponded to you at the old lady's site. You two actually are a lot alike. Thanks for the wonderful comment.
PS Boy, do I understand (and even remember) about counting down to retirement!

Rachel said...

hope it stops raining for you soon. I don't miss those long, boring gym workouts!