Tuesday, May 30, 2006


There's nothing like realizing what you thought was allergies is actually a cold. Less than a week to wrap things up at the office and get things ready on the home front if I'm going to hit my preferred vacation departure date, and I've got post-nasal drip that just won't quit. Not to mention sneezing, stuffy ears, the works. Past experience has taught me not to take anything to dry this up unless I simply can't sleep any other way. That's a good way to get stopped-up sinuses and a nasty headache.

So it looks like the Kleenex box will be my best friend for a few days. Lucky me.


Brian said...

Hope you feel better soon. Getting a cold really sux.

rice said...

Maybe you’re allergic to rabbets! :o

Hope you feel better soon.



Cliff said...

Tribunny..thanks for the wetsuit tip...i like it...just not the water...need to love the open water :0

Rachel said...

feel better soon!