Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mid-Week Post

There's nothing like getting an invoice for a completely ridiculous sum of money to make my day at work interesting. The company that sent it has been impossible to work with this year, sending us vaguely worded, generic invoices and then denying any ability to create better ones, even though they are in the business of supplying software solutions. How can they not give me an itemized invoice on a license renewal of over half a million dollars when I can get the balloon shop up the street to provide an itemized bill, no problem? And now we have this latest invoice, based on who knows what, seemingly in violation of our contract, and that they say we must pay within fourteen days or else.

Don't they know they're dealing with a state institution? I'm lucky if I can order a box of Kleenex in under fourteen days.

Anyway, it will all be resolved soon, but it's just one of many things keeping me at work late these days. At least I can't say I'm bored. This week has been flying by!

That's about all the excitement around here, and it's not very exciting at all, is it?

Well, here's a recap of some of what's happened around here lately:

  • Our betta was sick but is responding to his medication and seems perkier now.

  • I got the heels of my favorite summer pumps re-capped.

  • I thought I liked my new shampoo, but now I'm not so sure.

  • I have several new books to read.

  • One of my new books is about world water issues. It's research for my next novel (which will complete my Peak Oil trilogy), where I have a main character who is interested in environmental issues, particularly water rights and usage.

  • My writing has slowed down lately because one of my characters is copping an attitude. After what I've put her through, I can't say I blame her.

  • My sister and father both had birthdays recently. With Mother's Day just around the corner, I'm about to hit the trifecta, don't you think?

  • I still haven't gotten the rear wheel of my bike looked at, but I have seriously considered just getting a whole new bike. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

  • Peanut Butter Puffins cereal bars RULE.

I think we're all in the doldrums here. The weather has been hot and so humid lately that when I leave for work in the morning I can feel my makeup being steamed into my pores. In the afternoon I come home to a mailbox full of soft, soggy bills and magazines. Everyone I know seems to be counting the days until they can take a vacation. I know that's all I’m doing.

It's been nice reading other folks blog about their training and races. Until my hip quits hurting, racing is out of the question, so it's fun to read what other people are doing.


jet said...

I was looking at CX tires last week for my ~4 year old frankenbike (Al frame, mountain bike gears, Ritchie Aeros and slicks, panniers, lights, GPS mount, and a kickstand!) and almost talked myself into an entirely new CX bike. Because, you know, it rains here a lot and the roads sometimes get muddy and there's a lot of trash and well, that means I need a new bike, right?

Jill said...

Funny thoughts!

As for a new bike - of course!!

From Here to There said...

There's always room for a new bike! :) I'm contemplating getting a second bike to kick around in and maybe hit the trails with.

Glad your betta is better!