Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Run

I wasn't too sure about this morning's run at first. My foot was feeling better, but my hip and IT band were tight. I stretched a little and walked a bit, then decided I might as well go ahead and give it a try. To my surprise, I felt much better than I would have expected. I ran up Blossom Street to Memorial Park, followed the trail to the tennis courts and then continued on toward Memorial Drive, where I turned right to follow the trail that continues on to the 610 Loop. A train was stopped on the tracks, so I had to go underneath the trestle, but that was okay. Better safe than sorry. I'd feel pretty silly if I got hurt because I was walking between the cars when the train started moving.

I went up to the Loop, then turned around and came back. Once I was at the park again, I ran into my ex-landlord's ex-wife. She was walking the other way, so I stopped and walked with her for a bit. She told me she was back with my ex-landlord, which didn’t entirely surprise me. And she told me about some of the tris she has coming up. Then we ran back to the tennis courts and I continued on, now retracing my steps, to where the trail came back up to Memorial Drive. From there I ran home without any further incidents.

In all, it was a very pleasant little run. I had initially planned to run six miles, but the extra bit up to the 610 Loop added a little over a mile, and running with Linnie added another mile, so it ended up being a longer run than I had planned. My foot didn't give me any trouble until around mile five, and my hip and IT band didn't start nagging until about the last mile and a half. So it turned out pretty well, I think.

I called my mom this afternoon to wish her a happy Mother's Day. She wasn't too interested in going out, thank goodness. Mother's Day is pure Amateur Day in the restaurant business and is always a zoo. We're looking at maybe doing something on Memorial Day weekend, which isn't entirely sane but at least isn't insane, either.

I'm so not looking forward to going to work tomorrow and facing these silly crises again. But I think we're very near some solutions, and we're ordering box lunches for the meeting we're calling. The box lunches contain cookies. I suppose any day you get a free cookie can't be all bad.

Today's Workout
8 mile run


Cliff said...

For mother's day we decided to eat in. Get take out isntead of hunting a restaurant...

From Here to There said...

Great run! I'm glad your leg and foot are behaving as you add a little more distance. Keep up the great work!

You and your Mom are very sensible to skip out on the restaurant scene. We tend to do it on the day before for this very reason!