Sunday, November 12, 2006

DSL Update

It’s great being married to tech support.

And unlike me, Dan is really good-natured about working on the weekend. I can’t stand having to tinker with things once I’m home—anything more complicated than turning the computer on puts me in a snit. I was once in tech support, myself, and I'm very "been there, done that" about the whole thing. But to Dan’s infinite credit, he always takes on these little home tech projects as if they were the realization of his fondest dream.

Well, to be fair, he also wanted to buy Guitar Hero II, and going to Best Buy to look into replacing our router (since we decided we’d rather buy one than wait for a free replacement) was the perfect excuse. Hell, I don’t care what he does with his money, after he’s paid his share of the bills. Just get my DSL working again, pay the light bill on time, and I’m a very happy chica.

So yes, I’m pretty happy this evening.

Today’s Workouts
60 minutes elliptical, 30 minute treadmill run


Rachel said...

I agree. I think I need my own personal assistant. Someone who can pay the bills, run my errands, cook my meals, clean the apt., etc. Oh, wait. I have that. Jason!

Santa Claus said...

Tell me about it! Santa really needs a personal assistant.

Hope you are being good this year. I am not scheduled to check my list for a few more days so you have some time to turn things around if you haven't been good.

Please help me spread the word... I'm starting up my blog again this season at

Hope I'll hear from you soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Santa

bunnygirl said...

Well, Santa, it's a safe bet that we don't need Guitar Hero II around here. LOL! But it's great to see you blogging again, and I'll be sure to let all my GOOD friends know!

TX Runner Girl said...

Wow, you're personal friends with Santa! I'm impressed!

LauraHinNJ said...

Yea - maybe Santa is the answer! Who needs a personal assistant!

Glad you're back online (and not so slowly).