Saturday, November 04, 2006

Explorations and Other Stuff

I have found a new place to run!

A few weeks ago I thought I saw some trails by Hermann Park, but didn’t have time to check them out. So since today’s long run was a recovery run (relatively speaking), I kept an eye out for those trails. It turns out they’re the Hermann Park Bridle Trails, for the stables that I have never seen, but that I’ve heard about for, oh, nearly 30 years. They’ve become almost fictional to me, but now I can at least vouch for the existence of the riding trails. They run along the bayou, but I’m not sure how far they go. I went about half a mile, then crossed a bridge and came back. My IT bands are a little tight and I didn’t want to go traipsing off to who-knows-where today. Hermann Park was the farthest point of my run, so there was no way to shorten the run on the back end, should I get carried away with my explorations.

I’m going to Google the bridle trails, though, and have a plan for next time.

On the way home, I stopped at a couple of yard sales. One was of no interest to me—mostly kid stuff. But the other had a gorgeous desk lamp that I immediately coveted. It was $10 and I only had $5 and didn’t know these people, so I was reluctant to ask them to hold it for me. So I figured I’d ask Dan to stop there on our way to lunch, and if the lamp was meant to be mine, it would still be there, right?

And it was! Yay, me! I’m moving into my new office soon, and now I have a nifty lamp for it!

That’s all my news for today. Tonight I’m watching/listening to the live feed from Ironman Florida. It’s so cool hearing them announce the names of my blog friends and watching them cross the finish.

All the more reason for me to be careful with this hip and make sure I get back to 100%. I so want that to be me some day, crossing the line at an Ironman event. Weird injuries have always been my limiter. Things happen to me that seem to happen to no one else. I think I’m just put together wrong—something I noticed even as a kid, as the only girl in ballet class who couldn’t get anything even approaching proper turnout. So I guess I just have a longer road than some folks. But I know with consistent and patient training, all things are possible.

Congrats to all my friends who toed the line at IMFL today! Every one of you is a champion!

Recent Workouts
Thursday: 45 minute elliptical
Friday: rest day
Saturday: ~14 miles


From Here to There said...

Canadian sub-zero :) It was 25F or so :) Not so bad!

spongey437 said...

Finding new places to run is great. I have some conservation land near me that I just found out this summer is much, much, much larger than I ever thought it was. And it turns out that there are miles of trails that run through it that I coudl run on. The only problem I have is that it is a good 3 mile run to just get to these trails (sure I could drive, but I always found the concept of driving somewhere to go for a run kind of weird).

Best of luck