Monday, November 20, 2006

Random Monday Stuff

I did an experiment Sunday, taping my IT band before my run, just to see how it would go. It felt great, but the tape lost its stickiness around mile four. But I had no hip pain during or after the run, so it was a qualified success, and I have ordered some Kinesio tape and books that will show me the correct way to use it. I also have a book on order from Julstro to help with trigger points, so we’ll see how all of this goes. (Note: I have one of the older Julstro books and it’s been a sanity-saver!)

All this stuff costs about as much as three co-pays to a physical therapist who probably won’t make any attempt to fix my real issues. I’ve been running for nearly seven years now and the only success I've ever had with soft tissue injuries was when I quit trying to get "help" and just used my own good sense and whatever informational resources I could get my hands on. I wish I had confidence in professionals, but I just don't any more. Massage excepted, of course. And no, I still haven’t gone to see Mary. This might be a good week for it, though.

I had a visitor on Sunday. There is an orange cat who lives downstairs, and we’ve become friends. On Sunday, he met me in the parking lot, chirped at me and stuck close to my heels as I climbed the stairs, then snuck in while I struggled with my bags and packages at the door. The bunny gate was up, so I wasn’t too worried—Orange wouldn’t get very far. But the reaction from my own animals was amusing. Brave Sir Pixel hissed and ran, while Tidbit took a few hesitant hops toward the bunny gate and sat there, head up, ears alert, watching Orange to see what would happen next.

Not much happened. I set my bags down and sent Orange on his way. But now I know who runs the show around here—my feline predator is a hopeless scaredy-cat, while my long-eared prey animal is either very brave or dangerously stupid. Or perhaps just astute. Orange is a love. I really need to find out his name.

It’s a slow week at the office. Lots of people are out already, and the attrition is scheduled to increase as the short week wears on. And a good thing—it will give me a chance to pack up and get moved, since my new office will supposedly be ready for me late Tuesday or by Wednesday at the latest.

Oh-- I'm also nearly done with my Christmas shopping! How cool is that? Like other years, I did nearly everything online and packages are arriving daily. It's fun, since I love getting stuff in the mail, even if it's not really for me. In fact, when it's a bill, I prefer that it not be for me. But that's a whole 'nother topic.

Recent Workouts
Sunday: 6 mile run
Monday: 30 minute elliptical


goldenlucyd said...

Darling BG,
I adore you.
PS Would Kinesio Tape work on my teeth?
Hugs and scratches to TB.

Fran said...

I wanna kissy-kiss-kiss Tidbits's little nose and feet! And that new office bit sounds wonderful. Did you have any input on how it will be, like with the furniture and colors?

Ellie said...

Cute story! Last year someone had a bunny on a tie-out in their yard, and I had Journey walking on leash. She saw the bunny and pricked up her ears and wagged her tail. I inched her close just a little at a time, "Sit. Heel. Sit. Heel." Finally we got to the bunny, who was munching grass with no overt suspicion of this 50# dog coming closer and closer. I was on the alert for Journey to make any predator-type jump, but she got down on her elbows and wagged her tail as she sniffed the bunny. She was enchanted with it! The bunny sniffed noses with her. I never saw anything like this. Did I have my camera? Of course not....

bunnygirl said...

Lucy, the Kinesio tape sticks forever, even through sweating, showering and swimming. Sure it would work on teeth. It can probably also reattach limbs and bind down roofing tiles in hurricane-prone areas, if only people would wise up. ;-)

Fran, my furniture input is limited this time around. I could've made my pick from what our Property Management department has, but I had the impression it would take longer than keeping what's already there. Now I'm not so sure. :-(

Ellie, that's such a sweet story! The more I learn about rabbits, the less timid I think they really are. They're cautious, but I don't think they're the cowards they're made out to be. My last rabbit used to chase our poor cat and was quite a terror!

Simone said...