Sunday, May 06, 2007


It was a crazy week at work, and I’m anticipating worse this coming week, since I’ll be on vacation for the two weeks following. Already my meeting schedule is so packed that I don’t know when I’m supposed to actually work. At home, I guess, just like I did last week.


I tried a different route for my long run this morning. I don’t usually run through the Heights, but I was angsting for something different from either of my two usual routes, so I plotted a course online, and off I went! I ran Heights Boulevard to 20th (most of which was on a jogging trail on the esplanade), then finished by running to Memorial Park and home via one of my established routes. It was a tough run for me, with my legs feeling heavy and my calves a bit crampy for no reason I could figure out. I think I need a massage, but who has time?

We have an itinerary, of sorts, for our trip. It’s not big on details, just general locations. It looks like we’ll head out Sunday the 13th, toward Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. My camp is the 18th-20th in Raton, and after that we’ll head south to visit my Dad in Bosque, about 30 miles south of Albuquerque. We’ll start heading back on the 24th, probably south through the Black Range and east through El Paso, like last year. We’d like to be home no later than the evening of the 26th, which would give us Sunday and Monday to rest up before going back to work.

I don’t have much else to say about the past week or today. I have an intimidatingly long list of things to do before we go out of town, but hopefully now that Dan is done with classes for the semester, I’ll have some help.

Recent Workouts
Monday: 30 minute elliptical, 15 minute stairmaster
Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical, weights
Wednesday: 30 minute elliptical, 15 minute run
Thursday: slacker day—skipped spin session
Friday: scheduled rest day
Saturday: 13 mile run


Crabby McSlacker said...

Sounds like a great trip!

And again, I was totally with you on that workout schedule--until that 13 mile run the last day. Yikes!

(I'm actually jealous. I used to be able to go on long runs years ago and I still miss it. Wish I could get new knees).

From Here to There said...

Your vacation sounds great, and warm. One day I would like to visit the places you mentioned!

Great job on this run, and last weeks' 12 miler gone 15!

pacatrue said...

Good luck making it through the last week! I certainly know where you are coming from.

LauraHinNJ said...

Enjoy your time away Bunnygirl!